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Issue with "export to csv?

Hi all,

Do you also have problems with the “Export to CSV” in “earnings”?
I use this for my administration, it has always worked, but since this week I don’t get any mail when I select “Export to CSV”.

Any tips? I have already checked the spam filter, there is nothing there. I use a Gmail address but again, last months this worked just fine.


Hello! I have the same issue and it is necessary for me to download, as I have more than 300 orders and cannot do my calculations manually. I contacted customer service, but they weren’t any help. After asking again the person told me that they reset my acount and I would have to wait 24 hours to downloa again. I did wait for 2 days, did it again. But, the result is the same. It gets stuck at processing and I never get any email…

Yes. It is terrible. I received this message from customer support:

thanks for the information. i’m creating a technical ticket for our fiverr tech team. they will review your support request ticket #xxxx and work on resolving the issue for you. this may take some time to resolve on our end, but we will keep you updated on their progress.

once the issue is resolved, one of our support team members will update this request with the feedback received from our tech team. thanks for your patience with this technical issue, and we apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you.


They just informed me today that it is fixed!

Yes! It works again :pray:t2: