Issue with Fiverr Payment System and Help Center


The issue started back in May, Payment(56$) from an order was not getting cleared, I contacted fiverr support.

i didn’t heard anything from anyone for about a month but my issue got solved. i got my 56$

In the very next order, it happened again. I was supposed to have 96$ but only 40$ got cleared and 56$ vanished again.

same as last time. No one is replying and i don’t what to do. This is really really disappointing.


Did you clear Your Browser history ?


It may be a Paypal chargeback.

I wouldn’t be able to confirm that though.


It is really annoying. Great to know your patience.


Check the dates, i have re-installed my windows twice :stuck_out_tongue:


Charge-back by the buyer? Even if that is the case i should have been told by fiverr support team. Also buyer was very satisfied and i don’t expect anything like that.


I was just speculating.

Only support can help you :slight_smile:


Well they are busy “helping” others and I am looking for a real nice, big stone to SMASH my head in! :tired_face:


They are busy helping everyone! They are not biased and will gladly review your case. If your tone isn’t that friendly they will become less inclined to help though.

Best of luck.