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Issue with gig extra

Hello all,

I just created a new gig for proofreading voice over scripts. When I preview the gig, the “Gig Extra” for additional words is not showing up. When I attempt to edit the gig the option shows. I’ve deleted it, saved, then added it back and saved again. It still does not appear in my preview. Suggestions?

Do you preview it as a buyer?

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I just hit the preview link on the gig from my profile page. It there another way to look at it?

Log out and browse through your gig to see if it’s there. You can also try clearing your browser. If it’s not there wait until Monday. It might be going through an editorial review. If it’s still not there on Monday I would contact customer support for assistance.

Yes, go to your page, where the gigs are shown with your profile pic and
rating, and click on “view as buyer” and then you will see how your profile
and gigs will be shown to buyers.

Just tried it. Same result

Click on edit gig and go on pricing page and slide down the page
there will be options for gig extra’s. Place your gig extra there and then save the gig
then check it.