Issue with impressions.. Impressions not shown


Hi Friends !!!

I have started this discussion, because I would like to ask you why my impressions of my gigs is zero from my started day. But I have done a sale.

Is this a wrong with my account or my gigs?

Please help me friends.


i have the same problem. try to contact customer service and tell them about the problem. the first thing they will say is to clear your cache/cookies, have the latest flash player installed, use chrome. if that doesn’t work they will create a technical ticket which will take some time. i’m currently waiting


Please help me friends


Reply to @kjblynx: Thanks… But today is my 7th day in fiverr. But Impression counter not started yet. What’s the wrong?


Hi I am quite certain that the problem is with your gig title. Here are some things you can do to help yourself

  • look for other services that are similar to what you offer on fiverr and check a number of them (say 5).
  • Tweak the Title to make it look different
  • Make sure your tags are same with any seller you find offering same service as you on fiverr in order for your gig to be recognized by fiverr’s search engine each time it is been searched for by users

I’d end here for now. Hope this helps.


Friend or brother do you share your gig any where like social media ? And you need to see it as visitor then u can find if any other problame.if no problame please don’t worryd and I know that impression click view no matter matter is sales thanks