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Issue with Messaging


I’m new to Fiverr and I messaged my Artist on a flyer several times but it appears he isn’t getting my messages and now they are saying that my project will be marked completed in 3 days and I haven’t received anything.


Can’t you contact your artist neither on the order page nor if you use the “Contact Me” button on their profile page for a “normal” inbox message?

If you can’t reach your artist either way and think it’s a bug with your messages, you could ask customer support to check:

If you received a notification that your order will be completed in 3 days, there should be a delivery, though, have you checked by going to “Buying > Orders > Delivered” in the top menu bar? If it’s not there, you’ll probably have to contact support in any case.


My artist sent proof but I need to make edits and I can’t - I can’t message in anything to the artist. I’m reluctant to request work from Fiverr if this is going to be an issue. I need to be able to make edits and communicate with my artist. I don’t think it is the artist’s fault at all. I have sent the message about the bug but it maybe to little to late with the response time.

@hunain_arbi_ seems to be an amazing partner just can’t get in touch with him.


I’m still not sure if you received a delivery or not from what you say, I fear.
If your artist delivered, and if you got that 3-day notification, he should have though, then you need to find that delivery on your dashboard as described above and you’ll have 2 options. Accept (and review) the work or press the “Request Revision” button and tell the artist what you’d like him to revise. Once you pressed that button, the 3 days period will only start again after your artist re-delivered the work with the requested modification.

If you don’t want to ask support for assistance, maybe take a look at the articles in the Buyer Help Center, you can find most information about all those technical things, how to accept a delivery, etc. there:

here 2 of them that might be helfpul for your situation:

Oh, and if you’re trying to contact him on the phone app, maybe try desktop instead, it’s easier to find some things there, and some elements that the desktop has, are missing on the app.