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Issue with my client

The order is due in a few hours and still no response from client. Should I wait for the order to be late or should I turn in a partially finished product?

note: It was 2 days delivery and this was my second order I have received(I am new to fiverr). I had cleared up misunderstandings yesterday, so it was my fault for not clarifying the details.

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It’s against the Terms of Service to deliver incomplete work. You can request a time extension through the resolution center.


in the order page top right side you can find visit resolution center , go there and ask the buyer to extended the delivery time , and tell him/her politely that you are in problem . dont worry about that .


I agree with @imagination7413 but would like to add the following:


You are going to run into this problem far more than you will want to.

I would change your time to 5 days or more and offer an extra (that would cost the Buyer more) for faster times.

Thank you. I will definitely make these changes. I thought having it delivered in two days would not be so bad, but it seems like I was wrong on my end.

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Thank you for the advice.

If you are new, I would not necessarily suggest you should change your delivery times to 5 days. Reason being, most of your competition is probably offering 2 days and under delivery. Now, this depends too, on what you are offering. Is it a service that does take more than 2 days to produce typically? If not, I would keep your delivery time at 2 days, as people are impatient, and only IF you can finish orders in that time frame, you would do better to keep the 2 day delivery.

As for this order, I agree that you should use the Resolution Center to ask for an extension and the reasoning (you have a drop down menu asking why you want to extend delivery) being you did not receive enough information from the buyer. Never deliver a half finished order to beat the clock. This can get you into trouble and possibly your account banned or suspended for breaking the TOS.


I would like to ask how it is that you started a job when you had no way to clearly finish it properly?

This indicates that you don’t have a compete Requirements Form that ensures everything needed is there BEFORE you start work.

If it were me and I had enough to complete as per provided Brief, I would finish and Deliver. That will make the client accept or not accept (using any Revisions they have). If you do not have all you need, you need to get the client to agree to an extension and make it very clear that this is a one-time thing and they MUST send all materials ASAP.

And yes, take care of short delivery times as those who demand them are the least likely to honor them in their half of the Tango which leaves you snookered.


Definitely use the resolution center to ask for more time, it won’t hurt you as a seller to extend the delivery time necessarily and when the buyer accepts it (even if they accept it after the delivery time has passed) your delivery will no longer be late. This is very common, some issue preventing a delivery in the delivery time and the best thing you can do is extend the delivery time