Issue with orders!


Hi Everyone ,

i’m working on Fiverr from last 1 year , earlier i was getting sufficient amount of orders & it became my primary source of income and livelihood of my family but now from many days i’m not receiving a Single order … it’s suddenly stops . i Modified my Gig many a Times . i Changed it’s Presentation(Title , Image , Video , Description) so that the Buyers can get more attracted but still there is no Improvement … Please Help and Tell me some solutions so that i can get Sufficient Amount of orders …

Thank you so Much for your Precious Time

Please Can you HELP me to success my GIG

nice wating for order


Put a professional picture of yourself or a logo on your profile.

Don’t try to advertise or sell video that is licensed to someone else. (i.e. - Is that “light bulb” template yours? It’s for sale off-Fiverr so that makes it look potentially copyrighted elsewhere.)

I also recommend these great resources:

The Fiverr Academy (Best for brand new or struggling sellers)

The Support Team Knowledge Base (use search for best results)

The Tips for Sellers forum category (A good place to read tips and post tips for others - for a place to ask questions keep reading)


The commercial, single use license for this one costs $51. Does that answer this rethorical question? :wink:


Thank you so Much for the Tips :slight_smile: Soon i will Modify the Gig as per your Instructions

Thank you so Much !


Try to submit request offer to buyers.


Hi fonthaunt ,

I Modified the Gig as per the instructions … does everything will be fine now ?


Okay gotitech99

I will Follow your Tip :slight_smile: for Sure