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Issue with response rate - responded to all

Hey Guys,

Quick one - my response rate is at 96%…

I have responded to ALL mails every single query in no longer then 30 minutes but it says 96%…

Anyone have any ideas…

Emma xox

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Are you responding on the PC or the app? There might be less issues with responding on a PC.
It just counts whether you respond within 24 hours.

If you have checked every message received within the last 60 days and have confirmed you responded to each within 24 hours it could be a bug and you could show that to support if you wanted, or just contact support saying so (report it if it’s inaccurate). Or you could do that if it gets to around 90% or less (eg. if it would affect levels on evaluation date).

They should really have an option to show these messages (the ones not responded to within 24 hours).

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This happened with my response rates, too. I had two spam messages and I didn’t answer them because 1. I didn’t see them, and 2. it said they wouldn’t count towards the response rate, but they did. I messaged support and they corrected it, it was just a bug.


ah yes maybe that is it - I had spam that was spam a guy was asking for nude pics etc & some other thing like wanting me to sell there gig cause they were banned. I will mail them now :slight_smile: thanks a mil <3

Thanks for this, I am at 100% in almost everything else & i 100% respond to every message so must be something wrong :slight_smile: thanks <3

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Cringes That’s an awful message to get. :persevere:
I just sent screenshots and they had my response rate fixed by the next day. Good luck and hopefully you don’t get any more creeps messaging you!