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Liek to know why i can only see the tittle off fiverr not the enitre feature …at one time i had no issue after i bought a couple gigs now i can not got to fiverr …page is blank …is there a software issue …i had to delete some stuff that i got from fiver …may have damage files …what software is need to run Fiverr… thanks …I need to get back to buying Gigs

I’m sorry, I don’t quite understand what is your problem. I think you’re saying you can only read the title…of the gigs? But you can’t see the description? And then you say something about deleting “stuff” from Fiverr, but I have no idea what you mean by that.

You don’t need special software to use Fiverr. Since you’ve purchased gigs in the past, you obviously should be able to still use Fiverr. Have you downloaded any files recently? Perhaps you have a computer virus, or downloaded some malware, which can make changes on your computer. Be sure to update your virus definitions and run your anti-virus software and follow any advice or instructions you see after that.

To keep your computer safe, you should run an anti-virus scan at least daily and buy a subscription to keep the program’s files up-to-date. Viruses come out all the time.