Issues on my account


I’ve been trying to publish a gig and for some reason every time I’m at the end to verify my number even if it’s 10 days after the last time I’ve tried it always says I have to wait another 2 days in order for me to verify or even use another number. I’m getting tired of it. The number I’m wanting to use is one from Google Hangouts and it’s the only number I have. Therefore does that mean I cannot create this GIG? I can’t even add a new number. I was going to use my fiancee’s. I’ve tried at least 4 times in a month and the same issue happens. I have to see the sign that says I have to wait 2 days even if I didn’t enter any information. What I’m saying is I entered information a LONG time ago, I got the 2 day warning and ever since then I couldn’t even enter any other information, I just keep seeing the 2 day warning a MONTH or so after the last time I tried. The warning shows without letting me enter any new information. Hopefully I’m clear. The 2 day warning shows before I enter information even though the 2 day requirement has been passed by a month or so. This is what I see.

Phone Verification Failed
The phone verification has failed due to too many attempt using a phone number that cannot be verified or wrong code.
You must wait 48 hours before trying again to verify.

The 48 hours has passed…by a month or so, I don’t get any chance to upload new info it just keeps going to that.


Did you contact the FIverr support team.?? I think They could give you better solution then forum members.


If you try to verify your phone number a couple of times unsuccessfully they will automatically block your account and the only way to reinstate your account is to contact trust and safety team. If not, that warning message with 48 hours will never end.

So, contact customer support and they will help you out for sure. Trust me, I’ve been in your situation and that was the only fix.