Issues with a buyer


I am a graphic designer since years now in Fiverr.
I am having a bad communication with the buyer, he is very rude, aggressive, requesting a lot of modifications. And is abusing fiverr’s system. He requests modifications I deliver, this can’t continue like this. I should have the right not to deliver after a point. My gig says 1 revision I have delivered 4 till now.
I want to cancel, but this way I will not get paid? what’s the solution?


Do you have an unlimited revision policy? If you do, then you can either cancel, or continue to revise until they get bored and go away.

If you don#t, politely note that future revisions mean $$$. They will either cough up or scream at you. If they cough up, great. If they scream at you, notify CS about your buyer being an abusive douchebag.


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You should have stopped at one.

Only revision I think is acceptable is when you, the seller, make the mistake. If I made the mistake of telling you blue logo on white background when I wanted a white logo on blue background - I should pay for another gig.

Cancel and consider it a learning experience. I don’t have the patience to put up with people who can’t make up their mind.


I’m not sure why you gave him 4 revisions for free if you only include 1? Okay, he might leave a bad review, but it’s time to stand up for yourself.

Either cancel and forget about it, or tell him he needs to pay for future revisions as you’ve already given him $x of free revisions and you only offer 1 free revision with this gig.

Then if he doesn’t pay and doesn’t accept the delivery, as long as you keep it polite and professional, you take it to CS and ask them to complete the order.

You have to show them that you’ve tried to work it out with the buyer. Make sure you attach lots of screenshots.


OP has 31 reviews. That’s not enough to be able to tell a buyer to stick it. The options are to keep playing along or cancel.

Next time, cancel at the first sign of neurosis.


I completely agree with this comment


I think you should cancel the order. He sounds impossible to deal with.


This happens when you offer unlimited revisions…don’t let go your efforts and try to give the revisions…i am sure he will not go for infinite revisions…have patience and next time offer limited revisions to get off from this situations…


Hi guys, thanks for your feedback. I can cancel the order but this way I will not get the money? I should have earned 10$ only for the long communication with the buyer. So even if you have 1 revision stated in the order, the byer can cancel the final delivery and ask for a modification. Fivver asks me to revise the order in about 6 hours. Is this right? I mean order delivered. In order not to have troubles I modified the order and send back. So there is no option to decline the modification request. If you cancel obviously i will loose the payment for my work (or if I as a seller open a dispute).
Am I missing something? Maybe there is some option when opening a dispute as a seller without loosing money?