Issues with character count on descriptions


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Do you guys have any issues with the character counter of your gig’s description?

Our counter is giving completely false results. Even though it looks like the description is 1484 characters (over limit), it’s actually less than 1100. What is more, it was accepted, although the counter says it’s over the limit.

I suspect that the description is not indexed properly, which may explain why the gig is not displayed in search.

Is Fiverr (Intentionally?) Sabotaging The Search Results In Favor Of Certain Sellers?

every time I return to edit a typo or something on my gig’s descriptions, I find that suddenly my description is over the limit somehow.

And when I try to save, it won’t let me, and I need to delete text.

But I fI don’t try to save & exit, everything’s fine and dandy, my gig is still accepted, and all.

I am not an SEO expert, so I have no idea what that means for my gig and its placement in search results.


I haven’t changed my Gig description for many months, but you may be right. Editing the gig description is always risky.


Yes, sometimes when I’m editing the counter gets messed up. What I do is copy/paste everything from the description box into a text editor with a character count. Then I clear it out of my description field so that it shows 0 characters. I finish my editing in the local editor and make sure it’s under 1200. Then I paste it back into the description box and save.

That seems to work fine, but it does take any extra step. It usually only happens to me if I’ve been messing around in the edit field quite awhile, adding and removing characters.


Yes, me too. And seems pretty random to me. In one case the only thing that helped to get back under the limit with a text that was under the limit was retyping it all directly into the box, no amount of copy pasting tricks had helped, in other cases copy pasting worked just fine.
This plus the gig falling out of search for a while when editing it, makes it probably a good idea to always edit outside of fiverr first, until one knows this is 100% what one wants and no typos or mistakes are left, maybe even sleep a night over it and look at it again, before actually editing the gig and pasting (or typing it :rolling_eyes: ) into the edit box only then.

I’ll have to remember and try that next time, Maddie, thanks, though not sure, might have tried it already lol but I’ll try anyway.


I’ve seen this exact same issue, and reported it to CS. They just asked for screenshots showing the issues. I had this issue about 3 weeks ago, and never cycled back to see if it’s still an issue.

If I adjust a single character on my gig, the counter is messed up and then I can’t save the changes (because now it thinks it’s over the limit).

Hopefully you have submitted a ticket too, but best I can tell they know the issue exists.

My gut is it’s a lower priority bug, because customer (buyer) facing issues are always a higher priority. Unless we are close to maxing out that box (I am), and editing, it’s a none issue from what I can tell.

Also, as someone else mentioned, copying the text to another editor, clearing everything after refreshing the page helped me make it work most of the time. An intermittent issue, so far tougher for them to fix.