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Issues with Fiverr app!


Hello Fiverr community,
I am very much worried after the update, I waited, waited for a long time but it did not solve yet. I want to if this happens to you as well?


The thing is that after the update:

  1. On app it doesn’t show online, I have seen from many devices but it shows not online gives a timing that I was online a specific time back.
  2. I have sent about 100 buyer request in 10 days through mobile app but neither got a reply.

I have found many who are facing these issues also a few other.
I want fiverr to look after it.

Please take it positively its a big problem the freelancers are facing recently. Its not possible to stay online on computer.
Thank You.


This is not a Fiverr issue. It’s your own personal thing. No one can help you with that. If you are not getting even 1 reply from 100 requests then I think you need to work on the offer that you gave and some speech.

Click on this link to raise a ticket with customer support to let them know about the bug.
or you can also mail them on


Yeah this is problem, so that to make sure, I have sent those buyer request. Before the update it wasnot at all happened !