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a few days ago i got a notification that my fiverr account is currently restricted and i didn’t know why (still don’t), i sent 3 emails to fiverr support but they don’t text me back. what can i do to be heared? i would really like to keep working. someone please give me a hand

thanks for your time


I think only Fiverr support team can help you about the issue but you already send 3 mail to them maybe they recognize your email as a spam. You should wait for their reply. Sometime It take time to reply.


i guess you are right, maybe i have to wait until they feel good enough to reply me


Didn’t you receive an email giving you at least some sort of a reason, even if it was vague?


Customer support responds best if you only send one message about an issue.


Why don’t you try contacting them from their main site instead of emailing them…I thought fiverr don’t reply emails


OP can no longer respond, her forum account is suspended.