Issues with Gig Pluses and Delivery Times


My gig plus delivery times are all acting weird! I have my biggest order delivering in seven days and my medium order delivering in ten, plus my extra fast 3 day option is at a seven day turn around. Is anyone else having problems with this? I know CS is busy right now, I did put in a ticket, but thought I would see if anyone else has gotten an answer. I have not had any complaints so far, but now looking at the times if I were to deliver them when they were supposed to be delivered many would be due today and tomorrow! I am not organized enough I guess, but I usually rely on the dates listed on the manage sales page and didn’t notice this issue until someone ordered a 3-day and it was at the bottom of my manage sales. Thanks for any info! If you have gig pluses double check your delivery times in case it is not just me!


Yes me. I contacted customer support about this yesterday and they are investigating this and I got a fast reply on this within a few hours as well from support.

If you have the same issue as me the timer on extra fast delivery is working but it displays the delivery time for the standard order, so if the standard order is 4 days and extra fast is two days it will only display four days as the delivery time.

I would star the gig and make a note of it and deliver it within the time your gig extra states and also let your buyer know what is going on as well