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Issues with new VO pricing structure


There seems to be a bug with the new pricing structure for VO’s. The calculation seem to be a bit off. I know others have been experiencing issues as well.

I recently had a client who ordered a quantity of 3 gigs but was charged for 4. Today a client purchased multiple gig extras which should have been an extra of $15 but he was charged $45. :zipper_mouth_face:

Can we please have this fixed?


I have also experienced this issue every day and many customers have brought it to my attention.

It seems to be a VO specific issue since Fiverr rolled out the new VO pricing structure.

Can anyone from Fiverr staff point this in the right direction to resolve the issue?


I’ve also experienced this issue - fiverr staff can someone please advise you know about this and it is on the fix list?