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Issues with Sellers

Hi, I have made 3 purchases on Fiverr since joinging, two of which were in my eyes a very bad service.

Latest problem is an order i placed with a seller over a months ago. I had one or two replies initially, and nothing in past 3 weeks. Completely ignoring me, once payment was made.

Can anyone advise the best way to open a dispute or try reclaim monies? Seems to just direct me to contact seller again, which is very frustrating :frowning:



I can understand your situation because I’ve been there as well. I’m a seller but also a buyer and also find frustration. Try open a ticket with fiverr support and let them know the details. Communication skills are the key element to achieve success in business and life. But, unfortunately, many do not have that skill.

Support Team

It’s important to realize that sellers DO NOT receive any funds UNTIL your order is completed. When you click the “order” button, funds are transferred to Fiverr, not the seller.

You have the power to prevent them from accessing the funds you sent simply by requesting a modification or heading to the resolution center at the top of your order page and clicking ‘request a cancellation’.

If they truly are ignoring you, the order will cancel automatically and you’ll get a refund. Problem solved.

Contact support team, so sorry for your bad experience! :frowning:

Thanks everybody, i think this seller is very dodgy, as he sent me something a few weeks back to review, but in my little experience i accepted and reviewed and told him what i thought, this probably allowed the transaction to go through and seller receive funds. sooo frustrating, i really hate dishonesty :frowning:

thanks all for the feedback, this thread helps me feel not so lost :slight_smile: