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Issues with Word Document uploads

Hi everyone,

First post on this forum, so I’ll preface everything by apologizing in advance if this question has already been answered elsewhere, or if I’ve posted in the wrong corner of the forums.

Anyway, I’ve had some issues recently regarding uploading of Word documents. I do writing gigs, and most commonly these end up on Word documents. Now, sometimes when I upload .docx files on here, the buyers end up getting a random .zip file filled with random code, rather than the actual file. Which isn’t useful for either one of us, let’s be honest.

This only ever happens on my personal computer (if I upload in my lunchbreak at work, the files are fine), on .docx files (I often submit via .pdf now, but this doesn’t suit all buyers for various reasons) and on this website (uploads on other things such as e-mail and Dropbox work fine). So there’s a few workarounds, but they’re not always convenient.

I was wondering if anyone else has had that problem in the past, and whether anyone more knowledgeable about computers would know how to fix this issue.

Many thanks in advance,


I am working with word files too, and I never had that kind of problems.

Only problems I had is when there is a bug and you cant upload nothing, no matter about file.

It might be a compatibility issue between Windows and Mac.

For example, I use Microsoft Word on Windows 7, but If I’m sent a Word file that originated from a Mac, it’s received as a “.pages” attachment. When I open this, it is literally a page full of symbols and code.

To fix the issue, the Mac user has to change the extension type of the document (to .doc/.docx, rather than .pages).

Also, another quick fix might be to start saving files as .rtf (rich text file).