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It always take time to Grow :)


Hi Daim here

i been active here for about 4 month & happy for all some times but some time it make me dis heart when i listen that some one makes 350 sale in only 90 days while i have make about 60 to 70 in 100 days (This really sucks). but some what to say it also the matter if luck beside hard work. but don’t be dis heart if you are in same condition. in most cases it take time with hard work to achieve your goal :slight_smile: just set your milestone and follow that leave the rest and don’t confuse or puzzle your mind while seeing other only learn from then :slight_smile:
Hope we all will grow :slight_smile: ALL THE BEST GOOD LUCK


I think greed never pays off. Neither does the “being lucky” reproach. In my opinion, luck doesn’t exist. Work as you can provide, be authentic, be lucky.

You’re talking about sold gig numbers. But, do you have in mind, someone gains with 350 sales for 5$ less than someone with 60 sales for 50$? It’s not always about the bigger the better. :wink:


Right Sir


i agree but as i said i work different for every one :slight_smile:


just believe in your work & you will rock one day :slight_smile:


I hope so, there are difficulties in the buyer requests menu.


Success can never be created or destroyed. I absolutely agree with you.


I don’t understand why you mention that you work differently for each customer. That doesn’t have anything in common with gig numbers. In my opinion, you should never copy blindly your others customer’s work.


It isn’t a menu. :wink:


Yes sir your words are Absolutely True !
I am a part of Fiverr since Jan 2016. Still, I dont have any order yet !
But still I am happy … I tell to myself " nothing to be worried off. Hold on …Have patience … There will be a tym where people start recognising your talent and know u soon … Just keep updating and learn new things … "

Its not comparision that we should make ourself with else … its just self confidence that we should never loose.

Anyways good message sir !


Is your profile picture your own pic? You aren’t Kareena Kapoor.


It is all about number of $$$s not the orders. IF you get 300 orders and they are just 5$ gig, then I make more than you with 10 - 15 sales.


its looks like a “food menu” for me :smiley:


That is an interesting subject. I wonder if how long do it takes to make a first sale.


Quality and timely delivery will take you far. Clients want it so.


First of all, the fact that someone makes 350 sales in 90 days and you make 60-70 sales in 100 Days doesnt mean you are failing. Stop comparing yourself to other. You must be in competition with yourself only.

Assuming you found out that everyone makes the same sales as you in 100 days, were you going to feel better?

I’m also amazed you talking about luck besides hard work. My brother, success is not by accident! You can fold your arms and wait for that luck, you will post another topic again complaining.

You are the one who should set a milestone for your self , stop puzzling your mind focus on positive things not comparing your self with others, you dont know their story. Stop believing in luck!


yes the solution i got after few months was building good relations with your clients :slight_smile: & always do quality stuff for them :slight_smile: