It doesn't matter, when top rated sellers are deliver funny logos?


So Top Rated Seller gigs used to stay first page :smiley:

Sometime’s when i see their works , you gotta be kidding me :smiley:
Fiverr doesn’t care about quality i guess. :smiley:


I know what you mean but fiverr is not anyone’s boss.

This is just a website that lets anyone sell anything they want and the rest is up to us.


So being a Top Rated Seller depends on what ??? i’m laughing so much :smiley:


Fiverr cares a great deal about quality. This is why they delete and remove the gigs of many sellers who break the rules, try to commit fraud, scam others, etc. Fiverr is a massive freelance marketplace, so it takes time to find and deal with all of these low-quality, rule-breaking sellers. But I can assure you, Fiverr IS doing a great deal of work to promote high-quality sellers.

Keep in mind too, just because you aren’t a fan of a seller’s work doesn’t mean that seller is a bad seller, or doesn’t deserve to be placed where they are in search results.

Fiverr is also currently working to improve their search results, so, for a while yet, there may be some irregularities in search results.

Be patient. Fiverr is always improving. Even if YOU can’t see it happening in real time.


Fiverr can’t look at every logo and make a decision if it’s bad. That’s not their job.

If you think about it, these sellers makes hundreds of logos a week for $5 so the quality may be lacking.


It’s your right to laugh, but someone else obviously likes the work of those sellers. I see you sell logos too. Some of them look remarkably familiar. Does it make you feel better about your own gigs to post about laughing at another seller’s gigs? I’m truly curious.