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It feels awesome

using fiver for like 7-8 days didn’t receive an adequate order matching with my skills (there is a long list) but the buyers are requesting like :- we need only woman or only chinease for this work and i was like … man didn’t you see my profile for a minute before sending request?.. only got 3 requests which were out of my reach. am asking to myself if there any problem with my Gig. anyone here who can watch them and guide me if possible? and please don’t tell same tips as fiverr is been providing for decades


Are you talking about Buyers Requests? :thinking:

If you want input from other sellers, then you need to post a request for that in the category “Improve My Gigs.” It is also helpful if you add a link to the gig you would like to be critiqued.

Those tips may still be valid and good advice. :wink:


yes am talking about buyers request.

everyone is using those tips and again n again posting same questions. which means those tips are not working for them actually

Buyer Requests are organized by the selling categories, not tailored to what your skillset is.

Also, those people in the forum who post the same questions over and over again have no read time. The tips haven’t worked for them because they haven’t tried them.

Your read time is 1hr and you’ve been here less than a month, so I’d suggest reading more and being patient before critiquing what does and doesn’t work. It takes some sellers over a month to get their first order, after all.

Stop trying to be a smart alec, grow up, and take the advice a successful seller was trying to give you.


well said mam. i will have more patience from now.

Lol, I wanted to say that!