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It gave me low stars because of the feature that is not in my service

if The customer bought service from you.

“Nobody will buy anything,” you said in the Gig statement. Because that’s not the purpose of the service!

What do you do if the customer gives you a low grade saying “nobody got anything from me” at the end of the order?

is this fair


You can’t do a lot if the review has been submitted, if you think it is unfair compared to the order process then you could contact CS but it would have to be clear that you had a good order experience and the review was at the opposite end of the scale. i.e. a 4 * is still considered a good review, but 2*s wouldn’t match up if there were no issues with the order and the buyer got what they requested.

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She didnt say anything order process. when done she did not anything me again. She directlly wrote review.

If there were no actual requirements for the gig then possibly you should have cancelled it?

How can I cancel order after review

You can’t after a review. You shouldn’t have delivered a gig with no requirements or message from the buyer.

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I try explain:

I am buyer you are seller.
I am selling Penetration test traffic. and there on description
“This traffic not for sale. user will not buy anything from your web site”

I did my work.
I delivered. I send report.
She wrote “people came my site but they did not buy anything from me!”

What u think about that
Thank you for your response and time. you look pro. thank you.


Sorry about the off-topic, but what happened to your account? It looks like it’s gone.


on review “trusted team on review”

That might be a much bigger problem than one bad review.

Yes, When I was talking this custumer. She said “ı am not upset for $5” and I am giving answer her “no I am upset for 3 star” that is it.

You’re not allowed to talk to buyers about reviews.

If this is the first time you did that, and if you didn’t break any other rules (now or in the past), you might get away with a warning.

I hope thank you for your help.

It would help if you were communicating properly.

I know what you meant but the buyer probably didn’t. You’re not explaining things properly at all and your English is very poor.