It has been 1 week and just 1 order!


I’m new to Fiverr. I’ve started my gig almost 1 week back. There are no sales except 1 which was due to our promotion on Facebook. I know most people suggest us to be patient and gigs will roll by as soon as u get a headstart. But the thing is each day passes my gig goes further below on the search and soon no one even bothers to go so much down. Its not even being displayed on the auto (Fiverr’s mix) screen. The view counter is not working to add to the confusion.So yeah we are pretty much stuck up !! Any suggestions ??

Thanks !!


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I got my first sale after two weeks. So, yes! Be patient :wink:

But try to consider about what you are offering. Is it a hot niche? Is it everyone want a message in light?

How about video message? If you a buyer, what will you choose? Light message OR video message?

Try to create more gig with more creativity… :wink:

~~Just my two cent


Hey pakarfiver,

Thanks for the reply. Yeah i understand that we need to be patient for all this to work !! But just the fact that our gigs isn’t visible on the search anymore and it goes more to the bottom everyday isn’t helping. anyways we would just have to be patient i guess !!

and no video messages wouldn’t work with light. Thanks for the tip !!

All the best to u !! :slight_smile:


I felt the same about it. I waited and waited and nothing. A video of you explaining what the gig is about, a face picture in your profile, some samples of your work will make a difference. Perhaps instead of “I will write a message in light” you could offer “I will write a BIRTHDAY message in light” “a slogan in light” “your business ad in light” etc as people are more likely to do a search on birthday, business etc.

Once you complete your first gig, and it may take time, you will see orders snowball.


Thanks for the reply !!

That seems to be a pretty good idea. Would definitely try that out. And is a video that important ?? maybe we should just give it a try. Would definitely work on that !!

And yeah hopefully would get more orders in the future.

Thanks !! and all the best to you too !! :slight_smile:


Same here! Be patient! You can’t do anything without wait!


Promote your gig on your social FB, Twitter, website, and ofc make a promo video for your gig :slight_smile:


I only had 3 orders in my first two months. Now I’m a level 2 seller! It’ll happen eventually!


Some people limit their searches to only look at gigs with videos, so I do think a video can help you. If you don’t want to use a video of yourself talking, you could show some samples of your work with a voiceover or something. :slight_smile:


Thanks for all the replies. Fiverr is a very friendly place indeed. And yeah I guess it pays to be patient. So will try our best by promoting. And yeah should really work on the video. We hope we get better sales after that. Thanks and all the best to you guys !! :slight_smile:



As everyone else said, patience is good. It took me a while when I joined Fiverr before the ball got rolling :slight_smile:

Make sure you’ve got good tags on your gig so it shows up in search. I wouldn’t fully rely on the Fiverr gig statistics as I think it’s slow to update so don’t concentrate on that unless you want to see how your gigs compare to each other.

Uploading a video and having some cool (but relevant) images, will help your gig stand out.


Thanks for the reply. Yeah the best way to move forward right now for us is to be patient and hope someone likes our gigs. And yes we will consider putting up good tags and uploading a video. Thanks once again for the reply and Wish you all the very best. :slight_smile:


The views counter is broken so don’t rely on it. Also, try to create more gigs. If possible, gigs of different niches or closely-related. There’s not much variety or diversity in your gigs. That’s all I can say. Maybe you can think of a way to improve it? Anyways, just be patient, don’t give up and stay focused and motivated all the time. Good luck! :)>-


Be patient, I also waited for 20 days and suddenly got more than 10 orders and became Level 1 Seller :slight_smile: You never know what you gonna get :smiley:


Hi Lightartists,

I think you’ve got a good service going there and although patience may work for some people I prefer to be proactive. I’m patient about many things. Generating business isn’t one of them.

The thing I do that brings me 75% of my gigs is pay attention to the “Request Gigs” and contact anyone who puts up a request that you may be able to help with. Introduce yourself, let them know you may be able to help with their request and ask them for more details about what they are looking to have done. Doing this does take being in front of a computer (or phone or pad or whatever you use) and refreshing the page often to see new requests, but it works well to generate sales.

You are offering a unique service which can be a blessing and a curse. Capitalize on adding your uniqueness to something people look for often. I see you have a nike logo as a sample image. There’s tons of people looking for logo’s on Fiverr. Not a lot offering to draw the logo in the light. I would create a logo gig.

I would also emphasize in all your gigs that this isn’t a text effect. That it’s one of a kind hand drawn light art!

My final suggestion would be to add a sample shot with no lights in the background. Just a clean light drawing or words with a black background.

I hope any of that may be of help to you. I think you’ve got a cool gig there! I’m bummed I didn’t think of it!

Best of luck!


Patience is okay, but it doesn’t really get your product out there like it should. Be active in the marketing scene. Facebook is great, that’s what got you your first order. Also consider Tumblr and Twitter. These are great tools to focus on your specific niche. Just put yourself out there, sell a good product, treat your customers well, and the gigs will start rolling in. I’ve only sold one gig so far as well, but that gig got a great review. I suspect that buyer might be a repeat customer as well, and hopefully word of mouth and my advertising will get the ball rolling.


I just started this week on fiverr and Ive gotten 14 sales so far. Maybe its because Im a freak??


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