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It has been 14 days, but it still did not clear my balance?

how long does it take Fiverr to clear money, i know 14 days. it has been exactly 14 days but it still is not cleared.


I’d give it one more day, just in case as the 14 days has a clock it starts with. It could clear later today once that clock times out.

If it doesn’t clear by tomorrow, contact Fiverr CS.


Please check your earning page. And carefully check to show the date when your balance will be clear!ju

You can ask me, If you have any question about your Problem.

don’t worry u get ur balance.

contact now fiverr support center

Don’t worry recently you would get your money. if don’t get you can knock fiverr suppor

It Takes One extra day. Don’t worry Your Money is on safe place.