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It has been 3 days, my order has not yet been marked as complete

Hi, I delivered an order around 4 days ago and it still hasn’t been cleared. Whenever I look at the Resolution Center, the number of hours it says it will take for the order to be cleared just keeps increasing. What happened?


Your order will not be cleared until you the person that ordered from you marks it, so from the moment you deliver your job, you need to keep reminding them to mark your order and leave there reviews. I hope this helped.

if delivered your gigs and if received it client, then wait 15 days for found available.

Did your buyer request a modification? That could extend the number of hours possibly.

when your buyer cleared your Fiverr order then your order will be completed.

3 days after delivery, the order will be marked complete by Fiverr automatically. Pay no mind to the message “[Buyer] has marked your order complete”. That message is generated by Fiverr and your Buyer has nothing to do with it.

Check your emails, notifications and orders. If nothing is amiss, contact Customer Service.

really I did not know that after three days fiver marks it, okay I will wait and see, I thought I had to tell the persons to mark it.