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It has been three months my gigs on last page

It has been three months my all gigs on last page on Fiverr in each category I am best seller in my category.

Is there anyway to again comeback to first , second or third page.

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Hi there @simiseo Firstly. Don’t forget that Web Design is a very competitive niche. You should be proud of having (or had) your gigs listed on the first page! Don’t take for granted that this is easy to do. Many sellers here including me would be very happy to accomplish this.

Wish you the best of luck!!

Warmly, Humberto

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I am in e-commerce category not in web design.
I best seller and highly rated seller in my category

muahaha, I see that now yea, dang I need glasses, HELLPP!! :rofl::joy:

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Same :confused: your gig is back and not?