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It is a great idea from fiverr to recommend the high price gigs to customers

I think it is great idea from fiverr to recommend the gigs with high prices and good rating in the first pages. Did you think so… the customer when he finds the high price gigs will be able to pay more for the seller and if he can’t pay high prices will definitely go to the second or third or maybe will go the newest arrivals category that’s mean all the sellers from any level will be happy and will be fair between all seller. otherwise will find the gig that he needs without any searching. And another sellers the other pages will not find any job :slightly_smiling_face:
What did you think?


In that case, why would anyone have a $5 gig? Everyone would post high prices in order to get those customers. And just because a gig starts at $5, doesn’t mean it’s not a quality gig.

Besides, when searching, buyers can already filter by price range. If they want to avoid $5 or $10 gigs, they can do that.


I wonder if many people filter to find high priced gigs.

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That’s not good.

The show must be random.
So all fiverr communities have the same chance to succeed

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I do too. There is a huge market for higher price high quality gigs. Why make these first class buyers hunt through pages and pages of cheap gigs when they have the money and are eager to spend it to get the best?

If they want less expensive gigs then make them hunt for those.

One great high priced seller is worth at least ten low priced sellers in terms of cash flow.

Having high prices gigs showing first will welcome the many buyers who come looking for the better services and want to pay for them.


As we know there are a lot of sellers provide high quality with 5$ instead of getting 20 order in queue if do the same service with 20$ “in the business card cat for example” and the are getting just 5 orders will be same revenue is that right? And in this case the other 15 customer will search for the sellers who provids gigs with 5$ and nobody will filter for higher prices if there is high quilty gigs with low prices we need the customers to pay more or filter to find the gigs with low prices.

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I don’t say all customers need to buy high prices gigs most of customers search of low prices. When the customers find high quaity gig with low price in the first page there is no reasons to make any other action.
If you find great gigs with low prices why you will do filter feature?
When you have a 5$ gig the client will search to find you otherwise just the gigs on the first pages will get orders.

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I know some pros get premium customers.

However high prices require high quality.
Or there will be a lot of return orders because it is not able to meet buyer desires

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