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It is about time Fiverr create where sellers can upload samples of their past project in the buyers request section



Happy new year to everyone on Fiverr. There has been lots of changes recently and it will be extremely insincere not to appreciate how Fiverr has continued to raise the bar.

I would like to bring Fiverr’s attention to the fact that some buyers request for samples of previous work on buyers request and it is a great disadvantage to sellers that do not have a website or link to their previous work. In my niche, some buyers request for some specific samples which can only be provided by just uploading these documents.

Thanks for your consideration.


This is unnecessary, since all seller responses (to Buyer Request ads) feature a link to the seller’s gig. All sellers already have the ability to post portfolio samples in the gallery section on their gig. If a buyer needs to see samples of past work, they can easily visit the seller’s gig for samples and more information.


You should not say it is unnecessary. I can see changes on here that was from some other freelancing websites which is not bad. This feature is there. My niche requires some tailored samples which does make sense to allow the buyer start searching for it in the portfolio.

If we must copy, let us copy right. I repeat buyers in my niche request for specific samples which can be lost in the portfolio.



You offer branding services. I actually offer branding services as well, and I can honestly say, you already have a place to feature your branding examples – in the first three images of your gig gallery on your gig page. If a client needs additional samples from you in order to decide whether or not to hire you (from your BR response), they can contact you and ask. Many of the BR buyers that I respond to do just that, and the process works just fine as-is.


You don’t know what works in all niches. I also offer resume writing services. Do you know what works in Resume Writing? Buyers sometimes ask for specific examples which could work against the seller if not provided promptly. Let us be slow to generalise.

Thanks again.


Yet I offer services in the very same branding niche that you do.

So yes, I know how things work in “your” niche. :wink:

Like I said, post samples in your gig gallery. Upload a pdf sample of a generic resume to show what you can do, and then encourage the BRs you respond to to take a look at that gig gallery sample. You shouldn’t be offering customized samples to begin with because that’s basically giving away your services for free. Buyers could easily just take your sample, modify it themselves, and then never hire you.

Customized samples are free work. Don’t work for free. Get paid for all customized work.

Let’s not assume that I am generalizing. I am tops in “your niche”, and I have been a successful seller here on Fiverr a lot longer then you. Maybe, just maybe, I’m offering some wisdom and advice here that you might be wise to consider. :thinking:


I can see that you don’t get my main point and I don’t need to let this linger. Enjoy your Branding Services.

If we must copy, let us copy right



I do – greatly. As do my clients.

Good luck to you as well.


There is no need to attach any samples in your offers. Every potential buyer has your seller link… they can see your gig images, past works and can message you for any further samples or examples if they want. Buyers can explore according to their requirements and can decide whom to select. Your Fiverr Profile is your portfolio in other sense. You all previous works are there.