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It is all quiet now

I have been on Fiverr for a little over a year now and what an amazing experience it has been. I have made invaluable connections and the extra money REALLY helped during last year what with it being “the COVID year”.

But now, since the start of this year everything is all quiet. I used to get at least a message or something every few days, now there is nothing. Sahara desert level dryness. The sad thing is I had just made it to a level one seller and then it went quiet so that level one only lasted for that revision period.

I even started doubting whether I am online, logged out and back in. I’ve edited my gigs thinking that maybe my prices weren’t competitive enough, but still nothing.

Maybe I am just meant to sit and enjoy the unintended hiatus.


I think that this is true for all of us. And I also believe that everything is going to be fine like before.

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Same here.I am also facing this issue. Thanks for sharing.

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I believe that too. Thanks.

Glad that I am not alone in this. Strongs.

Yes. That’s true.

Its happening everywhere :slight_smile: It’s just not you. It’s happening to all of us.

The world simply has less money to spend. At a very core level, we human beings are social. It is the social part of our life that drives every need, and the economy itself.

My wife, likes to buy clothes every other week. It does not have to be something expensive. Something new, to wear. Since the pandemic, she has stopped as we never go out of home anymore. So, the cloth shopping has stopped.

I used to be travelling trainer, which drove a lot of expenses (Train/Plane journeys, Uber pickup/drop, professional clothing, travel gadgets, travel phones and tablets and so much food related expenses. And, when I travel, evenings I would roam about, do some shopping, buy souvenirs and so on).

All that has stopped. All these services are no longer getting money, so people who work there have no money to spend further.

It will be like this for a while. This is the long haul.

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This is very true, thank you for the reminder that it’s all over.

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I would not call it over :slight_smile:

Me and the wife, we have started cutting down on expenses. I have drastically changed my lifestyle. We were blessed with twin girls. It is a blessing but it has been a huge strain on our finances.

But, the cost cuttings we did a few months ago, have begun to help. We are trying to speak to banks about our loan payments, and they are trying to co-operate as well.

Vaccines are coming. It wont be right away, but perhaps, another year or two, before we start seeing numbers from the old days.

I have some hope. But, yeah, cutting down costs is the main thing.

I have more free time now. I have been reading books, blogging more, learning new stuff, and playing a lot of Xbox. Just trying to have fun with what is available.

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Oh dear, I didn’t mean it is all over as in finished, I meant the financial strain is all over the world. Woops sorry about that.

Congrats on your twins, may they fill your heart with love and bring you endless joy.

I too am filled with hope, things will settle down and pick up in some ways.

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Your sentencing, I read it wrong, he he :slight_smile: my bad too.

Thank you for your kind words. God willing, the wife and I will make it out of this financial nightmare in one piece.

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I have faith that you guys will not only survive, but thrive.

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