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It is amazing how many white people have moved to Bangladesh lately and have joined Fiverr


In case your wondering I am being sarcastic. It does bring into question what is the point of having an image. My experience yesterday was trying to get some seo optimization work done with a seller that had a picture of a nice homely girl. Turns out it is just a front from a run of mill online seo company.


I’ve got the opposite problem: my location won’t update from Cambodia, and I’m in Vancouver, Canada! Since I’ve seen a number of buyer requests specifying that they would prefer to buy from a native English speaker, it’s probably costing me orders.


I see a LOT of teenage girl profile photos on gigs (and countries) which clearly aren’t related.

It’s quite sad to see. I don’t think the sellers in question realise that more and more people (probably the majority) realise it’s a front and are deterred from ordering due to it.


Sarcastic? I don’t know, I also find it mildly racist.


This post is fraught with political incorrectness, including the descriptor “homely” to describe a girl. Still the point is a valid one.


Thanks twistedweb123 for having the ability to actually comment on the point of the post.

Racism, political incorrectness??? Seriously.

I didn’t think the point of the post was that difficult to capture. What I am stating is a fact, take a look for yourself. The prevalence of foreign sellers using pictures of white people or hot girls as stated by twistedweb 123 is something of a growing trend. Bottom line is if people are misrepresenting themselves in this area what else are they misrepresenting. It does not encourage any trust with the seller or Fiverr for that matter.

A better use of your post would be to comment on your experiences using Fiverr or if you are encountering the same issue.


Yes I understand and agree with the point of your post. And we are all free to post our opinions openly just as you are. I know in some parts of the USA it is ok to talk about skin color so it is based somewhat on our locale. I would have said something like pictures which obviously are not of the nationality the seller is from.

Yes I have noticed lots of things such as what you are talking about.


Well, let’s not make assumptions. There are Syrians with skin whiter than my own, there are American and Europe expats all over the world, embassy personnel, soldiers, etc. Africa has a lot of albinos for example.

I don’t deny that some might be using fake pictures, but it’s not that important. What I focus is on the reviews, their portfolio samples, and their gig description. I don’t care what picture they use, unless I’m buying on camera talent.


I think I get what you are saying. My thing is that it doesn’t matter what country, what religion, what race or anything else. It matters that I see people put silly stock photos of attractive young women or tanned young men. They are clearly stock photos.

It adds injury to insult when they also claim to be from USA, UK, Canada but their gig descriptions say things like “I sale u grate thing, buy me too day.”


hahaha fonthaunt when I’m on break-time while on fiverr I like to “challenge” those I meet fitting your previously described profile. I’ll ask for their locale or where they were born. I love asking where they obtained the profile picture. I do admit my avatar isn’t me, but I love the guy carrying his fully grown pet lion. Now that we know the meaning of the title for this post, I must agree too many are doing it. Actually, Caucasians ought to be laughing hysterically to discover how many cultures purchase whitening creams. I never noticed such when I lived in the US. As an African American male, I guarantee I’ll never use an avatar of a Caucasian.


lol it is really odd :stuck_out_tongue:


Reply to @luckygutsy: Were you ever in Cambodia?


Reply to @sara1984: Yes, I set up the account there but I have been back in Canada since May. I wrote to CS and was told the location would update automatically but it hasn’t – even since switching over to a different laptop!


Reply to @luckygutsy: I’m Native American and opened this account while in the Philippines. Been here in Cambodia and as you have discovered, almost impossible to change locations.

My remedy, even though I don’t offer gigs (am a buyer) is in the Profile page. It may work for you.


Reply to @divavoice: Whether or not it is mildly racist, we must all agree that title caught our attention. It worked. If driving traffic to his post was the main goal, he is considered successful, in my opinion.

I had wanted to comment that last year as a translator in India, I earned over USD $4,500 inside 90 days and am going to try it this year in Dhaka. Too many talented software people do not understand what we write in job/project descriptions. So they lose business by asking us to “verify / clarify” that we know what we’re talking about. Unless you love teaching English, instead of making progress, this can be an indicator of coming language difficulties. Language difficulties, the worker not understanding what we write, leads to cost overruns and wasted time. I taught clients the value of hiring a native speaker during negotiations and as Project Leader & Team Leader. My job was to understand what YOU wanted, then communicate that to the developers. So when I saw this article about Bangladesh, I thought incorrectly about what this was all about.

Here in fiverr I often don’t work with foreigners who ask too many simple questions, when that info has already been provided to them. Yes we get what we pay for, but again, I’m not teaching English free of charge.


Reply to @luckygutsy: How odd! I thought mine was stuck when I moved countries, but my account updated when I logged out and then back in (I hadn’t thought about the fact that I never really log out). I imagine that if you’ve switched to a different laptop though, you may have already tried logging out.


Reply to @fastcopywriter: You have made two good points.


Reply to @fonthaunt: You forgot photos of celebrities! It’s amazing how many celebrities work on Fiverr. :stuck_out_tongue:


Reply to @adeela71: why do you find it funny, if you’re doing exactly what is being criticized in this post with your celebrity avatar??