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It is baffling to me


That someone can post a need for some quick work done but as you clearly express the terms of what your asking IE: " Looking for someone to write a X number words ect…" that you are then bombarded with individuals that will provide you with a gig that states the direct opposite… and when you do consult them, they attempt to get 2 or more gigs from something extremely easy and small. That being said — no one puts a proverbial gun to a poster’s head and demands they except, and by all means, you can pass on or hire… but at least read the basic guidelines. You want to attempt to stretch out an easy 500 words for two gigs because 350 is as far as you go? Well… um… it said 500… so what in the world are you getting bent out of shape for? Move on! Stop wasting time for something that obviously isn’t going to fit your expected rate.

Then its baffling when you do sift through those and find some good candidates… but you message them and it takes 3 days to answer back. Well I think I know why some folks are getting poor traffic although to be fair, I’ve also seen some unscrupulous practices where within 5 to 10 seconds, the job is suddenly filled before you even get a chance to answer back after being messaged.


I think you’re referring to the Buyer Requests page right? Fiverr sell services from $5, buyers can charge anything over that, even in the thousands if it’s a large project.

As there are a lot of sellers on Fiverr, we all have different styles of work, different quality, different prices. So it’s up to the buyer to decide who to go with. Generally someone new to Fiverr would be willing to do more, to help get the ball rolling for themselves. But someone whose been on Fiverr a while, may be more experienced and provide higher quality work, but it’ll cost you more. Generally.

I agree that fast communication between buyers and sellers can make a huge impact on sales. If you’re looking for someone to do x for $5 but can’t find it then it’s likely you’ll have to pay more as it is a larger project. I recommend using the Search Feature to find what you’re looking for and read the sellers description to see what you get for $5.