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It is helpful to share gig

My question is that can it is helpful to share giigs ,
can this thing increase our impression if nobody click on it?


Please see:


helpful for new seller

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Yes sure if you share your gigs it will be batter for you

Hi Arham,
Sharing gig is always helpful. It not only helps to enhance our impressions and clicks but also becomes the source of orders as the visitors of our gigs sometimes reach out to us and send their order.
So be patient and do all that is necessary to promote your gigs.
All the best.

But you tell me why fiverr noty add click when person click our share link

Hi Arham,
When clients come to our gigs and click on it, clicks are added. Only we don’t understand the Fiverr algorithms. Don’t worry about that. It is Fiverr whose prime priority is to make we sellers successful for which it has provided us free learning programs, free forums, free buyer requests and many more.
Be optimist and have confidence in Fiverr!
You will enjoy endless success.


Can you check my gigs why these not rank well

Yes, Share your in your social media which you use. it will give more view, click, impression. Share as much as possible. Thanks

Yes this is quite helpful for new sellers

I’m sorry but this is incorrect. The goal of any business is to earn money for it’s owners. Fiverr is no different. Sellers are the metaphorical product on the shelf. While it benefits Fiverr to help sellers-in-general improve themselves, Fiverr does not need every seller currently on the platform.

It is good to have optimism, but there’s a saying in English: “Hope for the best, but plan for the worst.” It’s better, in some ways, to expect no help from Fiverr.

To the original poster: