It is important for me!


Hey! Guys, tell me what am I doing wrong? Why can not I order? I can make a really cool logo. But I do not understand anything in the advertisement. =(


I don’t understand most of your question but I think you’re saying you want to know how you get orders?

Firstly, there are English errors all through your gig titles and your gig descriptions. You need to correct them.

In your profile you mention your team, but it’s just you isn’t it? Because it looks like just you in the gig description I read.

There’s nothing in what I’m seeing that makes you stand out from other logo designers. Make yourself stand out. Give buyers a reason to buy from you. You are in a very, very over-populated category though so you might not be able to do anything.


Can you please review my gig and tell me your honest impressions about it.
Thank you.