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It is impossible for people to pay me!


I let it go when my audio samples sat in “moderation” for a week, but this takes the prize. I have potential clients complaining to me that no payment option or credit/debit card works. I even brought in a friend of mine to try and order my VO gig, and I couldn’t believe my eyes.

First she tried PayPal. It made her log into her PayPal account, and then asked for a credit card anyway, and then rejected 3 different cards, all of which work fine everywhere. Then she tried not doing PayPal and all of here cards (two Visa and a Mastercard) all failed.

I write to support, and they tell me that my multiple clients have to call customer support in order to address this. I’m busting my chops trying to get to job 1 on this site, and now I find out that theres no telling how many clients I’ve possibly lost because of this.


Sorry to hear you’ve got a problem with ordering.

Did your friend try ordering from anybody else to see if it was a site-wide issue?


She didn’t. I didn’t push the issue because there are others who had the same experience. My question is, why didn’t support attempt to place the order?


I’ve got no idea why your profile or gigs should be any different to anybody else’s I’m afraid. If it were a site-wide problem then the forum would be full of similar complaints.

It’s not actually possible to call customer support by phone, so I’m not sure about this part.

On a different note - one of your gigs is offering a service which is to be performed ‘in real life’ as opposed to across the virtual Fiverr space? I’d check about this with CS if I were you.


I will look into the “real life” gig. I wasn’t aware I couldn’t do that. Thanks.


Hmmm sounds like some kind of glitch maybe. I would shut down your account and create a new one. See if that helps. Sorry about this I know it must be frustrating.