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It is legal to collaborate with other sellers?

hello, (sorry for my bad English) I provide whiteboard videos in my gig. but I don’t provide voice over sometimes buyers ask for a voice over as well as. but I am not providing voice over so he has to go for another seller. now I am thinking to choose any voice over artist for me in Fiverr, so I can give him an order and he can provide me voice over. it is legal to collaborate?


You can refer your client to specific buyers for voice over or you can purchase voice overs from another seller and add that to what you charge for your whiteboard gig.

If you are supplying the voice over, I would suggest having a sample of 1 male voice and one female voice on your gig that represents what you will deliver. That way the buyer knows exactly what they are getting before they order.

How will you deal with script changes and other revisions with the voice over? You will probably have to pay for those changes and revisions with the voice over supplier.

What will your turnaround be on the changes from the voice overs? In my experience, the sub contractors will take as much or more time to deal with than the actual whiteboard will take. Make sure you charge enough.

You have the same challenge even if you provided the voice over yourself. I produced about 2000 whiteboard videos on Fiverr and I either provided my voice, or I used a voice over that the client submitted. I didn’t subcontract voice overs. It was alot of trouble and it didn’t seem to prevent buyers from purchasing my gig.


Thank you very much sir.

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I’m a voice over artist. I would love to collab if you’re still looking to do this. I can even record a script for your video on your gig for free… that way when they pay for the extra to get a voiceover, they would know what I sound like.

I’d also be willing to work around revisions, etc to make it more streamlined so it’s not a hassle. Let’s talk if you’re interested.



hey, i am still looking for collab :slight_smile:

Awesome! Want to send me a link to your profile or gig?

Do you have a script for any videos for your gig profile?