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It is my first anniversary here =)

OK, maybe it was the 28th…

I have no idea what time zone this is, as I see “8 pm” here but I am on Eastern standard and it is a little after 3 pm.

OK, that said, I have officially been here 1 year! During downtime, I pursue other avenues, as a niche blogger. For those of you who have been here for a year or longer, what have been your greatest takeaways, lessons, or the best parts of your journey so far?

And what did you prioritize for the next year to get better at?

I guess for me, it could be social media. Everyone uses it, but not all of us get it “right” as in how to make it work for you and not be a time-waster…It serves as the backdrop of your business, so I can see why it’s important.

I have a website devoted to graphic art; but it is not an “e-commerce” type of site…Mostly a portfolio showcase, I do write “how to” articles and such. I wish there was some way that I could include the portfolio page here since I do not collect money from that site, but I understand that I have to go along with terms and not stir the pot.

I’m not sure if DeviantArt is classified as a social media 2.0 site…It’s an interesting place and I have a portfolio there too!

You can use a URL for a website on your profile or gigs if it is in the following sites:

Note: If you use a URL, which is not in the
above list, it will be removed from your profile.
If used in your Gig, it will be denied.
Repetitive violations may cause an account
to be restricted.

Maybe you could transfer your art to one of those sites to include in your profile or gigs.
Congratulations on your one year journey. My greatest lesson from fiverr is how wonderful my clients are. They make working here so worthwhile.

Yeah, God bless our clients. I have had over 1200 clients over the last 2 years, most of them have been wonderful people…have very few bad experiences on Fiverr.

Hi, my 2nd anniversary on Fiverr will be sometime in Feb, but I think I started selling only in April or May, 2014, and have done more than 2500 orders since then. Worked 10-14 hours a day, non-stop since then, hardly speak to anyone offline, don’t remember the last time I’ve been to a movie, always at work writing articles. :slight_smile:

And yeah, loved every minute of it, still love it :slight_smile:

Oh, thank you! This is a big help. Yes, my portfolio is on Flickr too; it may need some cleaning up…My Tumblr profile is sort of incomplete at the moment. On blogspot, I’m mostly discussing books. This will save me needless trouble from unsuccessfully trying to attach my DeviantArt mini-gallery.

That’s great! The moviegoing experience is a tad overrated; however what with the overpriced concession stand LOL =)