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It Is Not Possible to Promote Gigs on Social Media

When a new user/seller asks about “how to get their first order” on this forum, similar answers are usually given to them.

And one of the most commonly used suggestion is “social media promotion”… If only it worked.

In my case, I have been trying (to try!) this “concept of social media promotion” since March, mostly on Facebook – which I think would be the most effective platform to use.

But after three months of trying, I don’t remember how many FB accounts I opened, because all of them got eventually locked. And because of this I had to register to Fiverr again as well since I was linking my profile to FB.

So yes, I don’t know if the Fiverr moderators, staff or whoever is in charge of this crap, are aware of the fact that social media platforms ban you for posting your gigs sooner or later.

Even though you only join groups specific to Fiverr, or use url shorteners and so on. Sooner or later your gig promotion ends up getting labeled as possible spam and your account ends up locked for “suspicious activity”.

I also tried (to try) Quora. But Quora also does not allow posting links in your answers, even though you try to post them in context in questions related to Fiverr. Their system either collapses or deletes the links right away.

So, at this point, I am considering to end my Fiverr adventure. It is already a monopolized marketplace for the most part.

And when the platforms that should bring views and clicks to your gigs to improve your ranking keep banning you, there is not much to do for a new seller.

Except waiting for weeks, or even months for someone to miraculously order something from you so that you can make 5-10 dollars and give 20% of it to Fiverr, Lol.

I even suspect that these freelance market places are some sort of illusions and nobody really makes any money from it at this point.

But you can still go on if you enjoy all of this and having your temper go up and down like a roller coaster, you can keep on with the waiting game to get your first order.


If you’re repeatedly spam-posting your links, then yes, social media sites might choose to ban you. But you shouldn’t be spam-posting your links to begin with. Perhaps you might find it helpful to do some online research into effective marketing. Repeatedly posting your links all over the place IS spam.

And rightly so. Spamming your gig links in Facebook groups is NOT marketing.

Fiverr is hardly monopolized, it just isn’t easy to break into – particularly when new sellers aren’t willing to do effective work to become known and outdo their competition. Just because a seller has gigs hosted on Fiverr, does not mean they will be successful. You have to learn how to connect to your target audience, and turn that target audience into passionate customers. That isn’t easy, nor is it supposed to be.

They keep banning you because you are spamming your gig links all over those platforms. Online platforms have every right to ban users who are misusing their features to spam, “buy my stuff” links. TARGET your marketing, and you won’t be banned.

I, for one, can confirm that what you said is 100% false. There are plenty of sellers making good money offering their services here on Fiverr. There is no conspiracy to keep sellers down, nor is there any false advertising. The problem is new sellers who come here, and expect success without any targeted marketing, competition research, pro-business mindset, and creative customer connections.

The best, most successful sellers don’t sit around waiting for orders.


I never “spammed” my links “all over the place”. I only posted them to groups specific to Fiverr and by giving hours, or a day of break.

So, trying to dismiss my experience or similar experiences to mine by trying to label me as a “spammer” is not an argument from your side.

I did 40 orders as a new seller in first two months, without spaming and doing anything to boost, or keywording. I just wrote down what i can and boom.
You are just thinking to make big money here. It doesnt work like that.


That is the very definition of spam. Your customers are not located in random Facebook groups. In fact, almost all of the other people looking at those groups are sellers just like you who desperately want sales. Those other sellers are not going to purchase your services. Therefore, spamming links in Facebook groups is largely ineffective and a waste of your valuable time. You need to connect to the people that need you services, not other sellers who are also desperate for sales.

I’m not intending to be rude. I am merely speaking the truth. There are no easy, simple ways to find customers, and repeatedly posting your links where those customers are NOT located, isn’t going to result in success.


What “big money”, Lol … I only had two gigs and one of them was translation and the other article writing. You have mistaken me with someone who is trying to sell diamonds or something maybe.

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Then they should stop suggesting people to use social media to promote their gigs or shut down all those Fiverr groups with thousands of members if posting gigs there are useless and a waste of time.

Or, the ones who are in charge of this website should make some sort of a deal with social media platforms.

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Fiverr is not wrong to suggest that sellers use social media to promote their gigs. What they want sellers to do, though, is target social media users who need those services, not spam-post your gig links to your friends on social media. Start a brand page on Facebook, and build a customer base. Open a Twitter account entirely about your services and skills. Your personal friends are not your target customers.

Perhaps Facebook will at some time. Just because they haven’t done so yet, probably means that Facebook doesn’t wish to silence self-expression. Self-expression from many sellers all posting “buy my gigs” links doesn’t mean they’re going to get any sales. You have to know the difference between random links, and target marketing. So far, it doesn’t sound like you’re pursing any true targeted marketing, and that is likely why you are so frustrated about not gaining any orders.

Deals cost money. Perhaps Fiverr has other places to dedicate their advertising dollars.

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Just be smart, on the gig what you offer, its not so popular in States. If you would translate other languages it would be more effective. Do you have other skills , rather then only translation?

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Oki doki, as @jonbaas mentioned before what you did is spamming. Pure spamming. Even if you don’t think so it’s still spamming.

Fiverr doesn’t suggest to “share your link” on random accounts other than yours they are suggesting you should do MARKETING.

I’m sorry if you didn’t read it properly the first time,but probably you should try to learn a little bit about marketing first.

Spamming would never work and there is no fiverr fault. Maybe for sellers like you it’s becoming a bubble but a lot of sellers still made their way up by offering really unique gig and their hard work (which also includes educating themselves and learning the ways to sell not only posting their fiverr links on social media’s randomly)

It’s your choice to leave or to stay but one thing I can you for sure: if something didn’t work for 3 month that’s insanity to keep doing the same and hoping for a different result. You will have to change your ways of selling.

P.S for example I work in logo making category which is the most crowded (and we see everyday people asking how to make money in logo design on fiverr) but I offer a unique service and I know that I have only 5-1 real competitors that are working in my niche.
It’s all up to you and your services and how great you are at what you are doing.


Why would you think this is a good idea? Do you think clients are on “groups specific to Fiverr”? Of course not. The only people in those groups are other sellers, that should be obvious. You clearly have no idea what social media marketing means.

Example: you sell youtube intros. You should market to youtube content creators directly, by DM, or at the most by posting in a group where they hang out. You want to bring people that never heard of Fiverr to the platform, people who already know the website have absolutely 0 interest in what you have to offer - if they did, they could find you easily already.


Some people don’t like receiving unsolicited DMs. DMs can be great, but only if that person asked for it.

Posting every few hours is spam.

Because Quora is known as a great place to build credibility, and spammers abused it, so now they don’t allow links.

It only happens when a big number of people reports you for spamming (and people are typically lazy to report, they prefer to just scroll down).

As @jonbaas told you, you can have a Facebook page and a Twitter account dedicated to your Fiver business, and post there (don’t reply to other people’s tweets with the link to your gig or profile, though, because it’s spam). If you post on your Facebook page and/or Twitter account, there’s no reason for anyone to report you, because you can post what you want on your own feed.

You joined this month. Some people wait for months to get their first order. Also, I only see one gig on your profile, translation to/from Turkish. I’m not sure how much demand there’s on Fiverr for that language pair.


I know that some people don’t like to receive DMs, just like people don’t like to be cold called or cold e-mailed - however, that’s a cornerstone of sales. There are entire companies dedicated to cold contacting people. Can it be annoying? Sure. Can it sell? Sure. And at least you are not doing it publicly, and hopefully you are targeting people that may at least be interested in your kind of service.

Now, you need to know what you’re doing and be good at it, it’s a skill like any other. But that’s a completely different subject. Identify a need you can fulfill, contact the prospect explaining exactly how you can solve their problem.


Bottom line: if your social media efforts don’t work, you suck at it.


Fiverr is opening on the New York stock exchange today as a publicly traded company, and will begin trading higher than the valuation of it’s initial public offering due to strong demand. This indicates some people are making money here.

Fiverr reported revenues for 2018 of $75,000,000.


If you don’t follow the rules then these result are obvious

That’s why must spend little time to know “how things works!”

Normally people with unique ideas and market needs never wait for longer, and get boosted on their first attempt. it normally happen when luck walking along with you or your are well prepared for the up coming challenges.

facts and figures are available with authentic proves. This is the beginning of new era where most of the business transaction will be in same way.

Thank you for your suggestion, As we never start it to leave after spending hours, days, months, and years. It is an opportunity for those who can believe if they got proper tools, they can win the world. Fiverr nothing do more then to build your trust to international market place and that is 100% free of cost. The 20% from your income is nothing if you consider their dedications. If you are not ready to polish your skill with these free opportunities I would very sadly speaking your future could go in dark. at the end I would like to share a quote with your

Winner never quits, Quitters never wins.
Best of luck for you life journey.


Thanks for sharing your experience.

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The same things can work and he can earn well if he spend little time to search his target audience. He need to share his fiverr link to those who are looking for such services. if some one selling make up items in stock market place how many buyer he can find there?

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Selling gigs is super hard. its tough to get traction.

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