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It is not WHAT you say, but HOW you say it! Especially with your SOLO ADS and EMAIL ADS

Without mincing word, that is what differentiates a business that sells well from its contemporaries.


=What do You know about your product?

=What do your potential customers want?

=How do you intend to benefit them?

=How do you play on their psychology?

=Are you interactive?

=Can you make them buy NOW?

=Why should they buy from you, and why now?

=Does what you are offering look like what others offer?

=Do you offer features or benefits?

The above points speak volumes and spell your rate of conversion!

From your GIGS description, to that website promotion; from that campaign to that product promotion.

Be it a call for a conference or whatever you want to sell. It could even be a school of though you wish to sell. Do not go ahead unless you consider the above factors!

Hope this helps someone.

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