It is possible edit review available gig?


Dear My Senior Sellers,

Can I edit my Gig ? Please note that, buyer review available ! I want to change price and delivery time.
If I edit it what impact will be happened? It is possible or not ? can I should do it or not ? Looking for your co-operation.

Thanks for support.


Yes you can edit your gig … Sometimes it usually takes 2 or max 6 hrs to update and sometimes it updates immediately …if its a new image that you are uploading then it takes some time but you can certainly edit your gig !


What Amit said, and, just in case you might be worried about an impact on currently active orders for that gig, no worries, it won´t affect those.


I want to change gig price plan and delivery time, but am worried as this gig has active order and review also


Doesn´t matter, the changes won´t affect the active orders, those will stay under the conditions they were ordered under, as one would expect. :slight_smile:

The only thing you need to be aware of when changing your gig is the gig title, it shouldn´t be too different from what it was before, e. g. if you got reviews on an SEO gig, obviously you shouldn´t suddenly make that gig a logo gig, but if you only want to change prices and delivery time, that´s all fine.


Nice info …:roll_eyes:


Now it will easy for me to edit my gig, Thanks for support,


You can edit your Gig price plan and delivery time anytime. I have edited many times and didn’t get any problem even buyers buying my those gigs on regular interval. So don’t worry about it.

But I will suggest you one thing is that please finish your active order first, If you are going to change price of that Gig because It will show a bad effect on your active buyer.


Thank you so much for your cordial support :slight_smile: