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It is possible for you to become millionare in a few years? Yes, it is, with my help and your efforts

This is limited spell which I only use for my close circle. But as some people asked about it I’ve decided to share it here on Fiverr.


I’m sorry, but I looked at your gig and I would need a firmer guarantee that this would work for me. I don’t want a 1% -5% chance of becoming filthy rich, I want a set date and time when someone will turn up with my money.

That said, can you also give assurances that should someone become a millionaire as a result of your spell, they won’t subsequently descend into a life of drug-fueled rampant hedonism? I’ve struggled with such issues in the past and I would hate to have to go through it all again.

Maybe think about adding an, ‘I will cast a spell to make you a responsible millionaire’ extra?


A lot of people paying tens times more than that for the 0,00000001% chance to become millionaire and 10% chance to get their money back (lottery tickets and so on). If you think these probabilities is not enough, then you probably will be scammed by someone who will give you unrealistic promises and don’t fulfil them at all.

As about drug-fueled hedonism - this is your choice and I can’t affect your own free will - nobody can except You yourself. You need to find something more important in this life than just short term pleasure.

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Maybe it’s the “bulletproof” part in the title that cyrarex felt was misleading? After all, “bulletproof” could be interpreted as a guarantee. Some buyers don’t read beyond the title.

Also, aren’t lottery tickets only about $2? :no_mouth:

People actually purchased this :tired_face:

I’m tempted to reach out to those who left a review and ask how it went :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

According to the gig, you will have to wait a year to see if any of them got a million in this time :smiley:


Wowzers. Alrighty then I’ll be back in a year :joy:

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Spell is bulletproof because you’ll get cost of it back with 100% guarantee. To tell truth people very happy to get even 10000$ and 1/4 of these to whom I’ve done this spell few years ago in some way or another get these money with very little efforts and a lot of luck.

There are different sorts of lottery tickets, some of them 50$. Not to mention in casino people can pay thousands of dollars for the chance to win.

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I’ve done similar rituals (though a little less strong) in 2011-2013 years. Out of 77 people one created successful business (totally he earned much more than just 1 million) within 2 years even though before he failed miserably at that and other one found out that antique collection of his deceased grandfather actually were worth around 1 350 000$. Among these 77 peoples 12 donated me thousands of $ because within few years after rituals their money problems were solved completely because additional 100 000$ or even 10 000$ can save you, specifically in Russia where most of my former clients lived. Most people here have 5000-7000$ yearly income only.

Okay, so… You think all of that just happened because you cast a spell on them? Don’t get me wrong, those are some lucky people. But I, for example, have struggled for a couple of years, for one year I didn’t earn much more than 100 bucks per month till I made the decision to work on fiverr and I dare say, nobody cast a spell on me and fate was never really on my side either, this was just plain hard work and sleepless nights. And a little bit of sitting crying in the shower while eating cookies. :smiley:


im just curious about ur gig . so u offer people buying or paying $5 for example to become a millionaire by casting a spell as u said in your gig description down there. chance 1% is like u are playing lotto 4D or playing roulette in casino the chance is almost the same . mostly will loss since the probability is too small . thats just my 2 cents . please do explain . thanks

You will become a millionaire in a few years + a 30 days money back guarantee.


Are you a millionaire, OP?


The Crusades. Catholic inquisition. “Earth is flat!”. “Cat’s our the devils beings that should be exterminated. Kill them all!”. “Pope is sinless (despite having 10 concubines and a preference for young boys…)”. “You can treat the plague by splitting blood.”

On Fiverr, one will CAST a money SPELL. And another will BUY IT.

In 2017.

In the same year the scientists have developed a procedure to re-grow a 3rd seth of teeth using Stem Cell research…

A MONEY SPELL… A love spell… An Abundance spell…

There’s only ONE SPELL you all “Spell Casters” are MISSING…


But yes, of course… I forgot. That spell would make you LOSE all customers.

“A healthy (healed) patient is a customer lost.” ~ Pharmaceutical Industry.

God help us all. I’ll have to go order an Archangelic Beam of Positive Energy coming from The Heavens to calm my fragile nerves now.


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You’ll feel the difference when you get money in unexpected way and when it was also help from the World itself. This is obvious what you earn money by your own actions and World helps those who try, not those who just sit around and do nothing at all, though even in this case you have a chance to get lucky bonus. But most people never get enough even when they try, or they get less than they can, be they a little more lucky.

Have you read description? There are 9% total, not 1%. 1% is to become within 1 year and this is absolutely crazy when this really happen. And these 9% (1% for 1 year, 3% for 3-5 years and 5% for 10 years) who become millionaire are not most lucky of people, but those who give more effort and living more harmonious life, people who give their all and do good things to others. Most people will never become millionaire no matter how hard they try. Because efforts not enough. And I believe what I can give people this “not enough” so that their efforts could be enhanced by the World itself.

I need the money just to live comfortable life and do what I want to do. And for these purposes I’m already have more than enough for the rest of my life. I’ve different values other than just unending materialistic race for the wealth. But still I’ve enough money to not work at all and still doing things I want to do in a way I like.

Different people have different knowledge and experience, we can believe in different things and still be people. I believe in what I’m doing here and other people reaffirm my believes with their own experience. I’ve predicted a time when a person meets his destined soulmate and previous astrologist said same thing to him as me. Another person won more than 100$ second day after my Fate Enhancing ritual. And these are just here on Fiverr, you even can check screenshots in some of my gigs. In real life happens much more of such “coincidences”, they are much more often than tends to be by random probabilities.

Have you read the gig itself?

Do you become a millionaire in USD or in your country’s local currency?

I’ve already answered to your question before. To live the life I want to live I don’t need to be USD millionaire.