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It is possible to sell video more 1G on fiverr?

Hello, I am a new seller and i need to answer some questions ,Thank you

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hey there welcome to fiverr

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thank you :innocent:

Yes as long as you send a custom offer for that amount. If your level is “new seller” you can send offers up to $5000. Normally it’s not possible to have gig prices (that aren’t custom offers) above $995 (Fiverr Pros can and I think maybe studio gigs can - but unleveled sellers aren’t normally eligible to join a studio).


In case it is not price but size you may want to read this

If the file you are delivering is too big or you are experiencing other technical limitations, you may use alternative methods to send a file (e.g. Dropbox, etc.).


thank you :heartpulse:

This is what I needed, thank you very much :heartpulse: