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It is right to cancel the order if buyer ask for 2 hour extra work for basic gig

It is right to cancel the order if buyer ask for 2 hour extra work for basic gig…

Yesterday buyer come and ask for company or business website for research i did 27 in 1 hour . then she put in modification. and told me that she need all the detail email address phone number and website. now i did again 1 hour work and fill up 10 links. after that buyer ask for do all 27 detail which will take like 2 more hour. i ask her to buy 1 more gig she refuse. and told me i will do all in $5… i put in cancel … i done right or not… but it is against work ethics to do 4 hour work for $5 even i describe i will work 1 hour for 1 gig.

Senior help me.


Yes you can cancel any order if you don’t want it.

Which gig did this person buy specifically?

Of course no buyer should be mean to you and tell you what to do, but if you are doing research, isn’t giving the email addresses and contact info something you would include to begin with?

hello you can cancel order any time if you wish. this is most important thing is to maintain reviews and feedback in profile :slight_smile:

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She is not ready to cancel she want i will her work in basic gig. now nothing i have to her work.


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she have specific demand to take out business . i did … after this she ask i need all detail how i contact them.

Reply to @mallika255: You can contact Customer Support and let them know about the situation.

And I think you can just cancel it, if the buyer does not agree, it will automatically cancel in a few days.


Sorry this had to happen to you.

I think you should not give in so easy.

You said you did 4 hours of work when your gig says 1 hour for basic quantity.

You could have told the buyer that ‘the buyer will need to buy another gig’ to get the required details.

You could maybe put in your gig description that you will work ONLY FOR 1 HOUR and any time after that is an extra charge.

If nothing works out well for you, you can contact support to get the order cancelled.

They can cancel the order without you having to deal with the buyer.

There really is no “right” answer to your question. Every seller has to decide for themselves what they are willing to do in their base gig. The next important step is to make sure you explain it well in your gig description, tell buyers what they get for $5, and tell them your revision policy.

Even then, only you can decide how to handle specific issues. Some sellers will do a lot more for $5 while building ratings and then change after leveling or if orders pile up too much. Other sellers don’t. Cancellations won’t hurt your account as long as the buyer agrees to the cancellation.

NEVER do free work for anyone, this is a site for making money as a seller, not a charity. Where you went wrong was actually doing the first modification.

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From start I am here I am working on same condition. 1 hour work for 1 gig and Free express delivery i deliver all basic work in 24 hour even not late an single delivery. and clearly mansion my description. Still same issue. I manage and did her work because she dont agree to cancel because she like my work and don’t wanna move. She didn’t respect my work value but i did her respect and provide her work finally.

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I already told that you will need to buy extra gig …

she clearly refuse.

I put in gig when i start i will work an hour for 1 gig.

she is not agree to cancel. so i finally did work.

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i always provide best services thats the reason i did modification. I want to spread happiness to my buyer but no buddy care about my happiness.

Reply to @mallika255: ohhh, this is a business, you are correct, buyers don’t care about happiness, they just want a product. If you ever want to be an exceptional business person, you have to understand the ultimate goal of why you work is to receive money. Value your time, because time is money, especially when you are selling $5 products.

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See, you are not supposed to give in to the buyers like that. They will try to exploit the sellers by asking too much.

If the buyer is not willing to cancel the order, you can contact support and ask them to do it for you. Just tell them that the buyer is being difficult on you.

Reply to @mallika255: you can send mutual cancellation request and if buyer refuse you can direct contact customer support for cancellation of this order.
customer support will be able to help you :slight_smile: