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It is taking a lot of time to get a order.why?


I am not getting order and also getting a few buyer request.why?


There are over 17K gigs about business cards. What makes your gig stand out from the rest?
Why should a buyer pick you?


It is taking a lot of time to get a order

You joined in January 2019, so you’ve been here for a maximum of 12 days. That’s not a long time, really. Some sellers had to wait months before they received an order.

I am not getting order

As @uxreview said, you’re in a very competitive niche. Difficulty to sell within that niche is compounded by the fact that there are so many great free resources for creating business cards and flyers. Some of them, like Canva, produce really good end products.

Your product, therefore, has to be better than what these tools can produce, and it also has to be better than your competition’s product. If you’re struggling to sell over time, it may be a sign buyers don’t believe your product stacks up against the alternatives.

a few buyer request

New sellers tend to see fewer buyer requests. You should see some over time, but you’re unlikely to see as many as a levelled seller.


Because I have creativity and also I am different from others.


It doesn’t show from your portfolio. Look at your competition, there are thousands of sellers offering the same thing.

So here’s your sample

And it took me less than a minute to find these, which in my opinion are way more creative & practical.
I know it’s a matter of taste and others might not agree with me, but person I think your selling point isn’t creativity and your sales prove that.

I’m not trying to bash your gigs, but I stand by opinion that your gig portfolio doesn’t stand out :slight_smile:

So if you believe you’re more creative than you competitors with thousands of sales then update your portfolio with your best work. If your buyers find your designs better then they will order it, if not then you’re probably over valuing your designs.


Apparently Fiverr doesn’t allow user name changes :sweat_smile:


I knew someone will come up with this comment. :rofl: Thanks for your valuable information. :see_no_evil::v:t5:


Hi @joati_afia98 . I believe you are creative, there are a lot of creative people on this platform tbvh. But it doesn’t stop there. You have to offer uniqueness (stand out), good marketing skills in your gig descriptions in order to convert to sales. Otherwise you might be far away from orders. Only luck or a buyer who stumbles on your gig in someway & has no time could just follow through with you due to the vast amount of people in your category. These are just my personal experiences though. I wish you the best in the future :slight_smile:


Putting smile on peoples faces & offering information at the same time I believe is the best way to go :slight_smile: Best of luck @iamsachmusic :wink:


First time it takes a little time to sell. use your search button you will find here many tactics, how you can start selling, how to deal with buyers, how you will solve different sort of problem related selling and buying, to maintain fiverr standards what will be your first step, how can you propagate your brand …bla bla…
you welcome.
happy fiverring …!


Oh trust me, if @uxreview hadn’t, I would have roasted her.


can I ask you from were did you get those sample?if you want to share…


I’ve moved your post to ‘Improve My Gig’ as it would seem to be a more suitable place for it - hope that’s alright with you. :slightly_smiling_face:


I want that feature too. I also want to move things :persevere:


You need to look at your competition and value your gig based on that.
For example, take some top sellers and analyze what are their selling points. Evaluate if it’s their creative, price point, delivery speed or something else.

Then look at your gigs and figure out why customers would choose you.

You can become a top seller even if you’re selling someone else’s design :smiley:
Here are 2 different sellers showcasing same design

Should be probably reported


@uxreview I don’t think a designer does need any templates for design ideas or other purposes or etc.

If this is the case, i am sorry to say @joati_afia98 you are not creative and you are just an over confident person who thinks you can conquer the world (can get many sales) with free templates.

If you are different then i suggest you to read the forum tips and helps from many well reputable sellers and even from Top rated sellers and Pro Sellers.

You just need to experiment some things and make sure to get ready for no sales because your gig and profile has so much competition. It will take some serious time on your profile if you want this to be a constant business. And also improve your English.

We all started from 0 and only our own hard work can get you success. No one can help you. Best of luck and instead of proving other people’s wrong, correct yourself with the suggestions that a community gives you. We want you to succeed.


I think she does.
I think she hasn’t looked hard enough what others are doing and that’s why she thinks her designs are top of the line. She needs to step up the game and you can do that if you check what others are doing.

I’m not saying she should use someone else’s design or mimic others, but she needs to know the market.

You said it yourself, that OP’s creativity is not the selling point. Why? Most likely because you’ve seen better designs. Well, if OP would understand the market a bit more she might agree or upload better designs.


Seriously - could you be any less encouraging?

The idea of ‘roasting’ newcomers, which has been mentioned a couple of times in this thread is both inappropriate and unfriendly.

@joati_afia98 - sorry you’ve had these responses to what was a simple question. I wish you all the best.


Thank you,every one,actually i am new here and i don’t know much about it…You all have encouraged me…so I am grateful to all of you.I will try my best:smiley:


Great opinion elle_brown