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It is very frustrating?

That’s my worst day with Fiverr
A month ago I had completed an order for a customer
I completed all the reviews until the buyer was satisfied
Today I am surprised that Fiverr returned the money to him and I get a warning
Although the sample work is still in demand
Is there no law to protect the seller
What to do now???
I no longer trust this??? :smirk::smirk::smirk:


Nothing do to.
The buyer’s preference is high here.:roll_eyes::roll_eyes:


This is a great injustice

Yes, It’s an injustice.
But it’s Fiverr Business policy. You have to forget this happened :anguished::anguished::anguished:


Fiverr sends a reason with every warning. What was the reason for your warning?


They told me I didn’t complete the order
Although I completed it and a month ago
And everything is still in order
With all this, they refunded him money and I received a warning

Then you should reach out to CS with all screenshots and proofs that you delivered everything as promised.


Yes I sent them a message with proof
And I am waiting for a reply
I think they will do nothing

Does your gig say “unlimited revisions”?


misscrystal Yess Please why?

Did he ask for a revision after the gig was delivered? and completed?

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This request was made last September
He asked for a review before the order was completed and I checked until the order was completed
Now, after a month, they are deducted from my account and sent money for buyer Plus I took a warning
It’s very frustrating when you feel wronged :expressionless:

Wait a second, your buyer asked you to deliver incomplete work so he could mark it as delivered and leave a review? But you kept working with him after the order was completed?

Please try to Tell your story as clear as possible, we are really trying to understand and help but it’s impossible without knowing all details.


Thank you for your interest
I will explain the whole thing
Last month, a buyer asked me for a search for 200 products
It took a whole week at work and research sent him products
Request a review that 48 products did not like
I told him it’s okay I’ll search for her
Products sent to him did not respond to the order was automatically accepted
After about a month I was surprised today to refund the money to him and I took a warning
All Proof is in order
There are 3 google sheets links, There are products
Do you understand what I want to mean

Then it looks like you should be right here. Keep us posted as to what what fiverr CS will reply to you.

Yes I sent them a message about 8 hours ago waiting for a reply
And sent them all the proof

It’s really sad and injustice for a new seller.

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Sorry bro, what is yours will always be yours… Lets wait and see

I understand your emotion but nothing to do.Fiver give higher preference to there buyer. Fiver give no value to there buyer. I share you a my experience in two days ago i complete a order and i message my buyer to check my work … after sometime hi remove me all of account access and say he saw his issue i am not solve any things. I asked him more time to give me a screenshot to his issue which he saw right now.But he did not provide me any screenshot and send me a dispute invitation. then i contact to fiver support they ensure that they can not do anything as fiver can not force to buyer to accept any order. they suggest me to try continue to work again on there project.then i again tell my buyer to give me your account access again so that i can see which type of issue you can see. but he do not provide me…next day fiver support team cancel the order and give me a warning… I am very shock to see that warning i do not know my fault…

I suggest you all of seller to please do not fully depend on fiver as there main earning source because they kick out anytime to your account or gig…


It’s really sad and injustice for a new seller. :frowning: