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It is very frustrating?

Yes, as if the buyer is always right

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That’s what I was thinking, too

Here’s the CS response
Really that’s weird they told me the bad work
Why was the person satisfied before and now a month later he became dissatisfied
I concluded from this there is nothing to protect the seller

" Hi there Ayoub, :wave:

I understand seeing an order canceled can be frustrating. :confused:

Let me assist you and explain.

We care for both buyers and sellers and we want every order on Fiverr to be successful. We always encourage buyers and sellers to try to resolve things mutually by using the Resolution Center and of course we are always here to offer support and guidance. Unfortunately, sometimes both parties cannot reach an agreement despite the time and hard work spent on an order.

When this happens, and the issue is reviewed by our relevant Team, they review the order thoroughly and require buyers to provide a satisfactory explanation and proof before proceeding to cancel an order.

In this case, after a review by our relevant team, the order in question has been canceled for the poor quality of the work delivered and third party Terms of Service violation.

As in any marketplace, sellers are to be held responsible for the quality of their work. We may cancel an order if the services were not delivered, or were not in line with the Gig description or in line with our Terms of Service.

Hope this information helps, Ayoub."

So you got a response. They don’t cancel an order without taking a look at the entire process of the order.
It’s not always a case of simply agreeing with the buyer in all cases.

The warning was for third party terms of service violation.

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It’s really surprising for me to see a buddy here:innocent:

If it were, they would delete the service
is not it? and not cancel the order
And why didn’t they cancel all requests for that service except those exactly
I contacted them again and I told them this
They told me we couldn’t explain to you more because of our privacy
Is that what I said logical or not???

When Fiverr says “Third Party,” what they mean is that another site (e.g.,, etc) has TOS/Terms of Service that prohibit what you’re doing or selling. Fiverr will not let you sell a gig that violates another website’s Terms of Service, which is why they are telling you they are refunding your seller.

To protect yourself in the future:

1.) If you are going to work in Google Sheets, download a hard copy (.doc file) of your finished work and upload it as a file to Fiverr to submit your work, do not just rely on the live google document to show all your work. Making a “paper trail” is the smartest thing to do, because if you ever have to prove later that you completed the work, it’s right on Fiverr for them to see. Do not communicate with, or talk about communicating with, your client off the Fiverr platform for the same reasons.

2.) Figure out a reasonable number of revisions and stick to it, and don’t use the term “unlimited”. If a client needs more than 2 revisions, either your work is poor or they are expecting too much work for what they are paying. When you offer “unlimited” revisions (no matter what the gig is) you are asking for a client to abuse you. Stand your ground, set a number of revisions you’re willing to do, and assign worth and dignity to your work.


You’re right thank you

Very good explanation and suggestion. Hope, it will work for all. Thanks.