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It is very important for new sellers to remain active in fiverr

Stay active in 24 hours fiverr for new sellars fiverr to work fast. If you are always active in fiverr , you will show your gig in the fiverr serach filter. Your Gig’s Impression View clicks will increase as much as you are likely to get your gig fast page. And if you’re gig on the fast page, your cell will grow day by day


And when are you going to sleep?


I go to bed at 5am. Before you go to sleep, login to the fiverr with mobile apps. Then you will go to sleep

So your profile is showing online, but you’re actually asleep, so can’t be contacted if buyers want to message you?

Not sure what that achieves except disappointed potential buyers?

Better just to show you’re online when you’re actually online. :slightly_smiling_face:


When people start spreading the word of getting sick or into trouble with their accounts, maybe, just maybe, they’ll stop with this nonsense.

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Yes it is important to stay online as long as possible. But it is not a great idea to make app running at the night and taking a sleep. It will surely make buyers who messages to you disappointed at that time and they will never come back again.

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No, it’s not important to be online the whole day. In fact, If your gigs aren’t good enough, it doesn’t matter whether you’re online or not.

Before anything, you should focus on being THE person with whom people want to work with.