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It just keeps happening!

Right, huge rant time…

Firstly, my delivered on time ratio is down because I failed to deliver some orders at all and was late with a few others at the beginning of January. This was my fault and I am aware of this. In this case, please no one start with the “oh, it’s because you have delivered some orders late blah blah.” - I get this.

However, for the third time now (the third being just a few moments ago) I have witnessed my delivered on time stats drop by 1% immediately after redelivering an order which someone has requested a revision on, but one which was originally delivered on time.

Now, this is driving me crazy. The last two orders, for example, did not include any revisions, and those which the buyers requested were both due to changes in their original order requirements.

It seems, though, that Fiverr IS NOW categorizing orders as late when they have been delivered on time but buyers have requested changes after delivery.

Of course, people will no doubt say that this can be avoided by delivering orders super fast and/or extending delivery times. However, this simply isn’t workable. The revision request which I just completed was for an order which was delivered 24 hours + ahead of schedule. It seems, however, that sellers are now being penalized for buyers not immediately notifying sellers about revisions, as well as buyers still being able to request revisions when basic orders specifically state that none are included.

Also, this bug/initiative is going to impact some sellers more adversely than others. Video and other media gigs, after all, are very revision-heavy by nature.

In any case, I’m fuming. It’s like Fiverr employs someone just to sit in an office all day thinking of new ways to needlessly kick the people who keep the lights on in the nuts every once in a while.

And just to be clear, this is what to watch out for. You deliver an order on time, then a buyer asks for a revision after the original deadline has passed. At this point, your delivered on time stats stay the same. However, as soon as you do redeliver the modified work and the buyer accepts, off goes 1% from your delivered on time percentage.

Way to go Fiverr. Well done, yet again, on making this place even more needlessly stressful.


Oh, it’s because you have delivered some orders late blah blah.

Joking aside, that is annoying. I thought that revisions were not included in the late delivery metrics and that it was only for the original delivery. What’s your orders on time % at right now? Can you be certain that any downgrade in it is related to this specific case?

Trite point to support Fiverr: it might be that this is so we sellers can keep accurate records of our metrics and it has no impact.

Counter argument: mutual cancellations were said not to matter when they clearly did.

According to Fiverr, delivery on time metrics are based on your last 60 days of activity. Mine nosedived to 75 or 76%from 98% after 5 late orders. My focus has therefore been to deliver everything on time (obviously) and build my way up to the high 90’s again.

However, I have now twice built up to 80% only for this to instantly drop to 78 or 79% as soon as I redeliver a modified order. An hour ago, I was on 80% Then I get a revision request, redelivered within the past hour and instantly I’m down to 79% again.

Because I’ve literally watched this happen on 3 occasions, I’m certain my overall stats are being affected by the delivery of revised orders.

Hm. I’m at 99% and almost all of my revisions are, like yours, “late”.

Be interesting to hear some other perspectives here. I know that Fiverr (doesn’t/didn’t/who knows it changes all the time) doesn’t penalize “late” cancellations if you don’t deliver. Except if the buyer cancels. It’s a thing–say a buyer orders a gig 6 months ago but only activates it today, the order is technically 200+ days old. But because you cancelled (the buyer being annoyed for various reasons and asking for a cancellation), the system doesn’t reg a late order at all.

It would be bullshit if that changes, too. Did you message CS?

I’m quite tempted to email Hannah of the typos (she apparently is in charge of the Fiverr blog but is up for people with “blog ideas” to contact her) and… well, she is staff. Imagine a whole bunch of people emailing with awkward blog ideas. This might be a silly fantasy, but it might also affect some change. Then again, they still have the Etsy TOS in that post they made regarding changes to how sellers should behave, so whatever.

EDIT: it only took a week, but the Etsy TOS has been fixed.

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No, I can’t be bothered messaging CS when I know that I will just get a canned response saying that my stats are due to the late deliveries I know about.

i.e. I messaged them a while ago asking them to remove orders from months ago which have never started and they wouldn’t/couldn’t confirm how canceling these might affect my cancellation ratio. In this case, I told them to leave it. Then the other day a buyer asked me to cancel such an order and I passed him on to CS, only to see my orders completed % drop immediately.

Besides, I’m actually liking the quiet time at the mo, as it’s giving me time to put some new gigs together and explore other things.

I have about 20 ($5!) orders that were started then for whatever reason never activated. I haven’t contacted them to be cancelled–one of them is from 2015, for Christ’s sake–because of the reason’s you’ve outlined. I’m just going to have a success manager tutting about that.

It’s like, God, how many people are you “success managing” with this level of metrics analysis? Spare me the BS. I promise you, the metrics aren’t for our benefit. Just a little perk thrown our way so we feel valued, or something.

Go check your analytics page (the new one)–what are the stats like for “top rated blahs in your category [this thing] on average”? My delivery (as opposed to cancellation is at 95% (97 avg), and that’s almost all buyer error. My on time is 99%, which is higher than the average. Should be due off it soon (I shockingly delivered 5 minutes late around xmastime) … but this? oh boy.

I’m quite intrigued by your new gigs. Give me a shout when they’re up!

That’s going to be stupidly frustrating. I rarely do super-fast gigs so I try to give realistic times bearing in mind what else I have on, which means I’m often delivering near-ish the deadline. I don’t think I’m going to like this one. It’ll be interesting to see what happens.

oh, it’s because you have delivered some orders late…

I’ve delivered three gigs late since July, one of which was last week. Totally my fault.

But I was wondering why my percentage kept ticking down and then down again recently. So it’s revisions that aren’t finished within the 24hr window given? Or just revisions in general.

:frowning: raaahhh