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It just Never Ends!

Why? Why can’t buyers submit order details? Why can’t buyers order what you actually provide?

I have a basic $5 order for a product sales & promotion video. All a buyer has to do is supply me with three images of their product and their product description. They then get the video template featured in my gig description amended to showcase their product.

In this case, what the hell does “this is a test order, please do your best mean?”

Have you read my description? Are you insane? What are you expecting me to deliver to you later today?

Well, here goes. I’m going to deliver exactly what I say I will. This buyer is going to get my exact video template. There won’t be any amendments made to showcase their product pictures because they haven’t sent any. There won’t be any text outlining their product and their USP’s because they haven’t told me what their product is.

If they want a revision later, they will have to pay. The only question is, will CS back me up when Mr or Mr’s Nutjob kicks up a stink?

Well, let’s see…

i having the similar problem with cheapskate buyers, some even leave bad review even we doing our best job. After I raised my price more than $5, I never face any cheapskate buyers. Maybe you can consider raise your base price more than $5 since you have 5xx ratings. It will automatically target more better buyers and your fiverr life will be much happier.

Yes, the only problem is that this is a newish gig. I have raised prices on my writing gigs and this has significantly cut down on this kind of behaviour, but on my less review heavy video gigs, increased prices are killing sales and sale numbers aren’t being compensated for.

I’m just really at a loss. Is the idea of Fiverr itself as a place where you can get anything done for $5 doomed, simply due to complete idiots? I think so. Meanwhile, is somebody secretly going around at night lobotomizing the world population? To me at least, it certainly feels this way. After all, this kind of thing is becoming far to frequent an occurrence.

I agree with @chrisdata This is the only reason because of which I increased my gig’s price. I was fed up with “incomplete detail submission” and decided to make minimum $15 package. This helped me to get rid of 80% “Bad Experiences”.

Be prepared for a negative review.

Customer support in 3… 2… 1…

I can only imagine some people don´t read further than 5$ and 1 day.
I wouldn´t say ‘buyers’ but ‘some buyers’. And I have been pleasantly surprised by the thoughtful consideration and way of going about their order of some.
Kindness, politeness, subtleness, the ability to read, all those nice things and more…don´t have to do with whether you´re a buyer or a seller :stuck_out_tongue:

But it´s the rant section, so here’s where generalizations find their natural and fitting habitat, right! And I feel your pain.

I do have an urgent assorted plea I’d want the ‘some buyers’ to read though, but I guess I´ll put that in the Tips for Buyers thread better, cause, well, a friendly tip for the good of us all, no rant. Not sure whether writing helps much though, as I have this faint suspicion that the people who´ll read it aren´t the people who’d profit from reading it, and those who´d profit from it aren´t the ones who´ll read it, and now I start rambling and should get back to work.