It made my EYES fill with Tears...!



Are you thinking who made my eyes fill with tears?
My boy friend? Nah…I don’t have one.
My client? No,clients are very kind to me (Alhamdulillah).

It’s the Essential Onion…ugh…:cry:
My mama has bad shoulder pain so I’ve had to prepare supper and this dude onion made me to sob bitterly.:sob:
Why is this so essential in our cooking even so hard,sharp and “Chhana”?
Is it that much necessary in your cooking too? If yes,how do you deal with it?
I really don’t like to cut onion :rage:

Sobbing Aman :sob:


That is so funny! :slight_smile:


Isn’t that weird it made me cry? :expressionless:


After having a crappy start of the day. I accidently broke my coffee pot grrr. :sweat:
But… This post made me laugh. :slight_smile: Love It!

Skip the tears use onion powder…

Speaking of seasonings… I need to buy some garlic powder & basil to prepare a Shrimp Carbonara dish I found on Youtube.

Cooking is a painful chore! :ramen: :spaghetti: :fried_shrimp:

FYI~ :+1: for the new pic


Awww, :persevere:

Wow, that sounds like a great idea.
Thanks a lot Nika :heart:


Here is how to deal with onion :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


If I think about Asian recipes, onion powder isn’t that handy compare to fresh onions :wink:


Yeah, I know fresh is better, but sometimes taking shortcuts works! :yum:

@n4y33m are you a good cook?


I’ve heard that freezing the onion makes it less of a biochemical weapon. Of course, I’ve never tried this as I always forget and putting onions in the freezer isn’t a natural thought process.

My top tip is: get someone else to do it.

This also usually leads to them doing the rest of the chopping too, so this is :ok_hand:


I’ve learnt a simple trick from my mom.
(soak in salt water before chopping onions).


Here someone else is, just my MOM bravo.:disappointed:


I usually wear my snorkeling goggle when I cut onion. I don´t care, I´m home alone. No one can see me. :grin:


I love fresh onions in and on all kinds of food, but I buy onions with a higher sugar content (they are usually marked as sweet onions in the U.S. supermarkets) and those still have some heat but aren’t as prone to causing tears!

My tip is similar to Emma’s “get someone else to do it” except that my someone else isn’t always available. In those cases, I vote FOOD PROCESSOR. Until those home robots are more refined, that’s my best machine for that sort of thing! My mother likes hotter onions than I do, and she also claims that soaking in cold water first helps. :slight_smile:



Or you could get your maid to do it, like certain posters.


@n4y33m I should try that.



LOL :joy:[quote=“fonthaunt, post:13, topic:113858”]
she also claims that soaking in cold water first helps. :slight_smile:

Thanks to you mom for this easy and affordable tip.[quote=“emmaki, post:15, topic:113858”]
Or you could get your maid to do it

Ask the writer (@writer99025 ) to send his maid in my home too for cutting onions ,please.:heart_eyes:


Have you tried wearing a bike helmet while chopping the onions?
Alternatively, you can also try soaking them in saline(salt+water) before chopping them.


@anjylina Well, you know :slight_smile: :grin:


Hahahahaha that’s funny, Abdullah.:joy: