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It might be the end of my career

I’m a web developer and level one seller, I’ve got the badge on the my 1st month of working on fiverr. I used to get knock atleast from 2-3 clients daily but suddenly I don’t what happened, It’s been more than 15 days I didn’t get any order or any reply from buyer request. I’m almoset 24 hour active on fiverr and alwaays market my gigs by sharing them on various social media platforms. But then again nothing is working, I didn’t got the knock from any single client. So I’m very disappointed right now a bit heartbroken, I’m also started to think that it might be the end of my freelancing career on fiverr.:disappointed::pensive:
Any kinda help would be highly appreciatable.


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Brother I made a gig at start and got almost 20 orders from buyer request + gig. Then after the rank 1 this gig got down and never was seen in ranking. My another gig was on and it ranked and I started getting daily 5+ message and I completed almost 90+ orders and from last 2 days now gig is on page 4 and all gone down.

No message nothing but I made 1-2 new gigs. Don’t know what will happen but have faith and try good tags and unique heading.

Best of luck


Thank you very much for this piece of advice brother,
keep me in your prayer…

You too.

Also about buyer request don’t worry if 20 have sent request if you sure you can do this.

Go in detail and tell me what you will do. Don’t just copy paste I can do this and all that it will never help.

Read, analyse and send a nice buyer request out of 10 2-3 will guarantee answer

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I’m sorry to hear that, but I would advise you to not lose heart too quickly. I have some quiet periods and then suddenly it gets busy again. Perhaps the same is happening for you? Keep promoting your gigs on social media and keep checking the buyer requests. I can only speak for myself when I say that I have had many down periods and I have often had to work really hard with very little returns. I am not specifically speaking about on Fiverr, but with working for myself.

It is not easy to succeed but the people that do are the ones that persevere and keep on going.

I hope it comes right for you soon.


This was superb mam :slight_smile:

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Instead of wasting your time writing a post which isn’t going to help your situation, you could have invested those minutes into sending another Buyer request which might be the one.
Fun fact, I didn’t get a any orders in October either (I’m level one seller aswell). I’ve been for 21 days totally jobless. But I just got mine yesterday!

Don’t lose hope & always work hard. Spend your 10 buyer requests, improve from your service, update your gigs…and the list goes on.

Freelancing is about ups and downs. Don’t focus on the down parts only :wink:


@lynnehuysamen Thank you very much for all your sweet words,
hope what you said become true…

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Buy a hat, grow a beard, look at a vegetable.

These posts are getting annoying. We’ve already established what the secret keys are to Fiverr success. If you don’t want to use this information, that’s your choice.


What if he has already sent all his 10 buyer request :stuck_out_tongue:

Its then better be here and learn things

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got a little hope after reading it,
the problem is it’s pretty hard to bid on buyer request cause after being level 1, I get thousands of buyer request but the sad part is 60-70% of them are spam…

You actually got my comment totally wrong. I don’t mean wasting his time on forum. The forum is actually a great source for all beginners. I’m talking about the kind of posts which won’t make any difference.

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I got bro what you meant. I just though to have fun :slight_smile: Your message was nice.

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I’m extremely sorry If my post annoyed you somehow,
actually I was very depressed, so wanted to share my experience with fellow forum members…
Didn’t meant to annoy anyone…

Then search for the requests. For example. Since i’m a web desginer, I search for the word “website design” and then I could send offers to those who are related to my field & aren’t spam.

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Sorry, you didn’t annoy me and I am sorry that you are depressed. A lot of our sales on Fiverr are down. You just need to put your energy into finding new ways to make money, add new gigs, and fight through.

Also, the beard, hat, and vegetable advice is sincere. :slight_smile:


You should be calm, orders are coming soon

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  • improve your skills by taking online courses,
  • learn how to market yourself because whatever you’re doing right now is not working
  • optimize your workflow to become more efficient
  • update your portfolio
  • explore other freelance sites. You should have at least 2-3 backups
    There are plenty of stuff to do when you’re experiencing low volume.

That’s not the end of the world either. Some developers prefer working for an agency. Steady paycheck, colleagues to rely on and you don’t have to worry about marketing yourself :slight_smile:


@uxreview Thank you very much brother…
These are some great piece of advice…

hope it really is… @burnbetty

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